PETA demonstrates on the Champs Elyesee

  1. I saw this picture yesterday. Honestly, I do more harm than good.
  2. Wow!!
  3. Reminds me of those horrid aborted-fetus billboards. Although there are many people who are blithely unaware of the horrors involved in the fur trade, there must be a more intelligent and less grotesque way of presenting an issue.
  4. all I can say is "WOW!"
  5. lol, I meant "they".
  6. ^Lol.

    I also think they could do something less radical. I think people respond better to intelligent, thought-provoking discussions, ads, etc. rather than just in-your-face displays like this.
  7. I agree... this seems a little too over the top. :s
  8. I can't see the pictures!
  9. :lol: I hope those women didn't catch a cold rolling around semi-nude in the street.
  10. Ugh! Personally, I do not wear fur, but to protest like that is horrible. Like Teknerd said, it also reminds me of the abortion posters. Not anything I want my 5 and 6 your old seeing, that is for sure!
  11. Totally agree; that is why Peta has such a negative image. Their tatics are all about shocking people.
  12. That's really... ugh..
  13. Shock value is sometimes what it takes in order to get a point across. People love to think these animals are killed in a sweet loving way, but they are not.
    I have no problem with using leather goods, the way I see it, the world eats so much beef that the skin has got to be used somehow.

    But to kill animals just for their skin sickens me.
  14. I do not wear fur (I gave away my late mother's black mink coat) but then for the shallowest of reasons: Fur adds 20 to you (20 years and 20kgs!) unless you are an 18yr old and 1m90.

    I love animals but that is beside the point since I eat meat, buy leather and love foie gras.

    If I were genuinely interested in the animal welfare, I would hate to have these people defending my ideas. I remember the ex wife of Paul McCartney defending PETA :push:. Please, change your act, if you think yours is a worthwile cause. You are gaining more enemies that friends.