1. I was wondering why I never heard nothing from PETA against Hermès... They are so funny, don´t know how they never made a catwalk entrance?!?!? Does anyone have any info on that?? please share, I would love to read, makes me laugh, their fight will last forever...
  2. well every part of H is the very finest i guess their security matches this too. I mean H is all about skins, PETA would despise them and have secret evil plans to through bucket loads of paint on barenia birkins and croc kellys (oh the horror!) then satisfied they will return to their offices and plan how they will kill the animals in their name
  3. I wonder why Peta is not after Hermes.
  4. :nuts:
  5. vreelandia, be very glad for that. On a music list that I used to post on
    they had a fun auction day (nothing expensive).
    To claim our items we had to make a check out to PETA. Because the celebrity whose items we collect is a
    board member, that was the "charity" that won by majority
    rule. Those who were already members thought this was
    a great idea, those of us who were in the minority and didn't
    want to be a part of PETA were
    told to contact them directly. Yeah, right.

    So, I'm very pleased to hear that PETA has
    NOT targeted Hermes.
  6. Maybe they know that it would only rasie the sales of hanbags, and more animals would be lined up for handbag-making! Also as far as I know Hermes only uses animals that are NOT on the endangered species list.
  7. Are there any folks here in the H forum who are anti-fur?
  8. HAHAHA, if they are, they are def. at the wrong place. ME LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUR, EXOTIC SKINsssssssssssssssssss, Hermès tell me all about it...

  9. What an interesting thread! This would have never crossed my mind, ha!
  10. I wonder if Hermes gives charitable donations to PETA in return for being left alone? You never know.....I never thought about crocodiles being farmed just to be made into hermes much as i love croc, that does make me sad :sad:
  11. on the one hand the PETA folks are nuts and employ all sorts of odd tactics.
    But then I heard that when people get rid of their fur coats to PETA, they are actually sent to cold nations where there are poor cold people.
    Not sure if this is true or not.
    wonder if they do this with old exotic skin Hermes bags?
  12. Oh I´m positive that a "lady" in a poor cold country will more than upset if she get´s an Hermès croco kelly instead of a good blanket!

  13. though this is my first post here the way animals on fur farms are treated is absolutely horrific and those who actually look at the facts or photos would hopefully come to the conclusion that fur is horrible. IMHO it is old and ages the person. My grandmother now refuses to wear her sable and many minks because of what has been told to her. I eat meat and wear leather but honestly fur is horrific considering i would never wear my dog whom i love very much. The designers only use fur because it is very cheap for them because the fur farmers are desperate for sales. Even Prada no longer uses fur and i would love to see other designers follow in her footsteps. I must also end with i think PETA takes it too far but their basic message is a positive one they just execute it incorrectly. It becomes ineffective because they are so extreme
  14. It is true my grandmother donated her furs to them
  15. ^^ nicely put above sean.
    i try not to think about my love for animals when i'm indulging in my love for hermes, so i kind of hope this discussion doesn't go too far, lol. i enjoy my hypocrisy not to be brought to my attention.