Pet Strollers

  1. I just thought I would mention this. I bought my (VERY spoiled and lazy) Long haired Chi a stroller. My hubby and I were at a pet store in Santa Monica CA and a woman had her little dog in one. I thought how great since I would always carry him in a carrier/purse. He gets heavy after a while. I ended up buying it from the local pet store at just under $200.00. On my way home my Hubby mentioned that I should look on eBay. So as soon as I got home that is exactly where I went. Boy was I surprised when I found them averaging $30-$40 plus shipping. We took the one back to the pet store and I got one on eBay for a fraction of the price. I have had so many people ask me where I got it and I always tell them to look on eBay. I have to admit that the one I got on ebay is not as well made as the one at the pet store but for the difference in the price I can't complain. Just more money I can spend on purses.

    He LOVES to be pushed around in it. I have a blanket in there so he just curl up and goes to sleep. When I go shopping it is so much easier to take him in that and I don't have to ever worry about him getting stepped on or anything else. I have never needed to do it but you can zip them up in it so they can't jump out. I know a few people that have even taken them into restaurants and people don't notice. They put a blanket over the top and people just think it is a baby.
  2. How adorable! I've thought about getting one to push my 19 lb. cat around in. He's almost too heavy for me to carry to the groomer's and the vet, etc. How much does your puppy weigh? I'm sure it's less than my cat, but do you think a big cat would fit in a stroller?
  3. The first time I saw a neighbor pushing a stroller with her Yorkie in it I thought :weird: , but I then realized that a tiny dog can't walk as far on those short legs and she wanted to get outside with her dog. So I understand better. She also carried him in one of those chest baby-carriers.
  4. teehee those are cute! That actually might be good for after Maya is healing from surgery (i just realized) hmmm. :smile:
  5. I have a dog stroller for my 2 Chihuahuas as well...I love it bc u don't have to worry about bigger dogs or people...they love riding in it!!

    I got mine from

    Its navy blue and looks just like a kid's stroller except it has a mesh piece over the opening :smile:
  6. I really want one but I have a super hyper crazy Jack Russell and there's no way in he** I'd ever be able to get her in there. They're so cute though!!!
  7. :roflmfao: !! The real question is, will a cat of any size even stay in a stroller?? I can just imagine trying this with any of my babies! And a couple of them are quite Buddha-esque! reminds me of the time I tried to walk one of my kitties on a leash. Let's just say it wasn't successful!

    (I do realize that it can be done though)
  8. Leelee, you have a 19 lbs cat?!!! My Chiclet is 21 lbs and I use a stroller to go to the vet! The carrier part detaches from the stroller part. Although, taking it apart is bit of a pain for me. Here is a pic of Star in a stroller, not Chiclet... Star is about 14 lbs. She is heavy for me, too...
    Star in a stroller.jpg
  9. My siameese cat loves to sit in strollers lol ..
    my daughter has a few for her dolls and anytime he sees one he has to climb in and we just push him around and he just sits there :biggrin:

  10. Oh yes, tiramisu, that is what I want! Your kitty looks safe and happy in her stroller. May I ask what the brand is and where you bought it?
  11. Hi madamefifi, I thought about that too... I wondered if my cat would panic and claw at the sides of the stroller. But after thinking about it, I suspect he would be very complacent about a stroller. He's such a lazy, rolly-polly guy. And my life would be sooooo much easier!

    I don't think either of my cats would walk on a leash, either, though. They've never been outside, except when I pick them up in my arms to take them to the vet or groomers so walking on grass or pavement would probably be comical.
  12. Tiramisu that's cute!!

    I'm not gonna lie..while I think its adorable..I would be very embarassed to use it. lol
  13. I have one I paid about $40 for and I take turns taking my cats out ! ( I have 2 kitties). They LOVE it! I walk down to the lake and take the cat out and we watch the ducks and geese in the lake. Fun times.
  14. YES!!! How great! Now I really want to get one for my cat.
  15. I don't remember where I bought this particular one, but here is one the brand name -> Kittywalk Systems There are other online stores like Metropawlish that has other kinds of strollers -> Kittywalk, Walk 'n Roll, and Happy Trails cat strollers for with free shipping at Metropawlis Pet boutique but I chose the Kittywalk one because the carrier detaches to the stroller.
    Mine is the Fifth Avenue Pet Stroller and comes in blue or pink. They have two sizes, and I don't remember which is mine, probably the regular and not SUV size. I left the carrier part open in the house for my cats to get used to it and they do go in and even take naps...

    Donna, that is so cool that your cat enjoys the walk! Mine kinda still howls...