Pet squirrel tries to hide nut In dogs' fur! :)

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  1. I saw this yesterday! It's adorable! Especially when he tries to move the hair to cover it up.
  2. that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen with animals! The dog is so unconcerned about it all. I love the squirrel trying to arrange the dog's fur to hide the nut.
  3. Too cute! Animals are amazing.
  4. killed me. omg. the little hands!
  5. hahaha too funny, I love the look on the burnese mountain dog's face, just watches out of curiosity! lol
  6. Back in the 80s I found a tiny baby squirrel that had fallen out of the nest or something, and ended up raising him. He used to try to bury sunflower seeds, etcetera in my big 80s hair all the time. He also occasionally urinated on my head.
  7. this is so funny. the squirrel takes its job so seriously and the dog just looks amused.
  8. Cute story! You should post a pic if you have one :biggrin: I love squirrels, most people try to get rid of them, I buy them big bags of peanuts at the pet supply! LOL

  9. Hahahahahaha to cute
  10. That's so cute! My mom has semi-adopted a squirrel. Along with nuts, she provides him with heated water and blackberries for (no joke) antioxidants. She hasn't let him into her house yet but I have a feeling I'll eventually find something red and fluffy curled up on her couch.