pet smart puppy class ?

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  1. did anyone take this puppy class i was thinking of taking my mini schnauzer
  2. Between my two dogs I have taken a total of 7 classes at PetSmart. I had a good experience, it really depends on the trainer at your location.
  3. I am going to take the 1 year old we plan to adopt. My sister took her two dogs and highly reccomended it.
  4. PetSmart has a great puppy program, I'm friends with a few trainers, and have helped with a few classes. When I get my puppy I'll take her to puppy classes at PetSmart
  5. ok then i guess il take her
  6. My aunt took her puppy there, and loved it. They apparently did a great job there
  7. Yes!! It's great! My dog Max went and learned all the basics like sit, stay, down and he got the hang of being around other dogs. My puppy Charlie starts class Tuesday and I'm excited! It's only $120 for 8 weeks and they have a flexible schedule and even offer FREE potty training classes!
  8. now i can reecommend itto my friend after hearing all yr good feedback
  9. My dog did it. Our trainer had absolutely no control over the dogs, but she was nice enough and it helped socialize Lilly.
  10. The first time I liked it for my chihuahua because there were other little dogs. The second time with my other Chi the class had alot of big dogs and the class size was super small. The dynamics felt wrong and we ended up only going a few times. It would be nice if they had small dog and big dog classes held separately. It is a good idea to get some training regardless if you go to Petsmart or somewhere else. We learned alot of good tricks and commands that you just don't get out of a book.
  11. My dog Coco has been through 2 Petsmart training classes: the Puppy class (which she took at about 4 months?) and the Click a trick (which she took when she was around 2ish I think)

    The Puppy class was GREAT. She learned all the basics - sit, down, stay, leave it, come, good walking on a leash behavior, heel, etc. It also gave her the chance to learn socialization skills with other dogs which was great. She still remembers all of her commands, and she's about 4.5 yrs old now.

    In the Click a trick class, it was all fun. She learned to wave, high fives, high tens, hugs, are you sad? (she makes a pouty sad face), the "army crawl", sit pretty, dance, spin, go around, go through a hoop, speak, etc. She had a lot of fun in this class too.

    I def. think the training classes are well worth it. Practicing at home also helps bond you & your dog :smile:
  12. Make sure you know which class you're signing up for - basic manners or just "puppy kindergarten." One focuses more on socialization (which is good) and the other on basic commands. Also remember to not take your puppy unless they've had all of their parvo shots. Places like pet stores are notorious for spreading parvo. (Which can easily kill a puppy.)

    We took our dog to a local trainer, and not a Petsmart class. We felt after researching the credentials, local dog training facilities accredited though the APDT and observing classes, that places whose entire business is run on training provided better structure (for example, dogs are not playing together before class, so they can better focus on "working",) better instruction, better technique, more class variety and even better reading materials (such as Patricia McConnell's books as textbooks). Training is just one aspect of a pet stores profits, so it's not their main focus to get the best trainers possible. If you really want a well-trained dog, working at home, local parks, local coffee shops, out in the community is mandatory, not optional. Just one thing to remember--don't expect to take any dog to a class for an hour a week and expect a well-trained dog. You have to work on it every day, consistently for months and months. Also, prep for the CGC - that's a GREAT way to get your dog to have the best manners possible!

    Just my .02 -- from someone who is really, really into dog training. Have fun - dog training is awesome!!
  13. Why? Big dogs and small dogs all learn the same commands the same way in class. And the dogs shouldn't be interacting with each other in an obedience class, they should only be interacting with I'd love to hear what happened in your class, specifically, as to why you had such a bad experience with big dogs.

    Sounds like your instructor did something way wrong, and I'm glad if it was "off" you didn't continue going. If you're not enjoying the class, or are stressed about it, the dog can totally sense that. So, good call on not returning.

    But, seriously, I'd love to hear your story!
  14. ^It's true that they're all learning the same commands the same way, but I disagree that the puppies shouldn't be interacting with one another. Part of puppy training is for your puppy to gain social skills and the puppies are bound to interact with eachother. Additionally, bigger puppies do not know their own strength and could accidently harm a smaller puppy.

    I have a small dog as well and my experience with pet smart puppy class was a very positive experience. I even plan on enrolling my dog in the intermediate classes and someday, the agility training.
  15. Are you talking about the Petsmart classes?

    idk if they changed the class format, but my dog took the puppy training class which was the same thing as the adult basic manners, except all the class members were under 1 yr old.

    It's possible they changed the format since she took the class... that was almost 4 yrs ago.