Pet Sitters?

  1. Hi - Any experience with these services? Do you know of any good, trustworthy, caring pet sitters in the MD area who can come to your house when you are away and take care of your pooch? Thanks!
  2. check with your vet. My two dog sitters are employed with mine at his hospital as veterinary technicians.
  3. I go with a place out of Northern VA. I'm not sure if they go to MD or not, but you can check (I *think* they may just do Loudoun County, but I'm really not sure). They are Everything and the dog ( I know breezy's sitter lives in point of rocks, so depending on where in MD you are, they may go that far. Breezy *adores* her sitter too, so that helps. If they don't go to your neighborhood, you can find pet sitters through NAPPS here: or PSI here: (this is where the sitters I use are registered; not at NAPPS). Good luck! Always make sure you get a consultation of some sort before leaving your pet with the sitter. I've been using one for almost 3 years now and it's great. Feel free to PM me if you want some more details.