Pet Shops In The U.S Selling Puppies???

  1. Hi

    I recently got back from Hawaii and i just have to ask something.

    I went to a petshop which had puppies in small cages, one of the puppies made such a load noise crying (obviously wanting to get out) Now i love dogs and i got quite upset by seeing this. I felt really angry . :cursing:

    Why are they aloud to sell dogs in petstores? Here in the UK they do not do that so it was quite a shock for me to see this. Is this everywhere in the states?
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  3. You are wrong. They do sell puppies in pet stores. I personally know of two people, (one friend, one colleague), who have only recently purchased puppies from pet shops. Also, I was driving through a small town the other week and passed a pet shop with a "Puppies for sale" sign in the window.

    All stocked by the puppy farms, no doubt :cursing:
  4. Oh right i didnt know that
  5. sorry I found this hilarious I am shocked you didn't know puppies were sold in a lot of pet shops?
  6. I try not to go into pet stores that sell always makes me sad.

  7. Glad it amused you sweetie
  8. Unfortunately many pet shops in the US sell puppies, kittens, and other animals which most likely come from mills, irresponsible pet owners who let their non-breeding quality animals get pregnant accidentally (or worse, intentionally breed poor quality animals to make a buck or show their kids "the miracle of life"), or outright stray type animals who have uncertain health problems. It is best to avoid purchasing animals from pet stores, instead opt for a shelter or a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder would not permit a non-breeding quality animal to remain unaltered. I find it amazing that so many people think that just because their dog is a purebred, they should breed it. Many purebreds are extremely poor examples of their breed. The offspring of those poor examples are usually the ones that are end up in the pet stores with the "low price, PUREBRED Cocker Spaniel!" sticker on the cage. Sad but true. Shopping in stores that sell puppies and kittens provides the market for the backyard breeders, so best just to avoid shopping in them altogether.
  9. I wish the US would adopt a 'no puppy' policy on pet is disgusting and inhumane the way that the pups (and breeder moms/dads) are kept. Absolutely disgusting.
  10. ITA - and I wish Canada would do the same!