pet. shopping tote vs. gr. shopper

  1. Does anyone know the approximate size difference between the petite shopping tote and the grand shopper?
  2. I'm sure someone will give you some measurements.
    But I can tell you the petit is pretty much exactly half the size of the Grand.
    It's almost as tall, but less wide and half as deep.
  3. petite tote measures 9.75wide x 9.5tall

    grand tote measures 13wide x 10tall

  4. Jen, do you have the depth?

    ACK! I didn't mean to say 1/2 as wide! LOL! I'll edit that out! That would make either the petit teeny tiny or the Grand masive! LMBO!
  5. Oops, that's what I forgot!

    I will measure the depth of the petite shopper when I get home (in an hour, sorry OP!) but the grand shopper is 5"

    I'll be back! Oh yea swanky, I keep going back to the pics of you with the grand, it looked so great on you!
  6. Awww Jen, thanks!
    I really need to add one of them back into my collection!:yes:
  7. the depth for the petite shopping is 3.5"!

    Yes swanky, i think you do need to add one of them back into your collection! how about a brown one?! or the red! mmMm!
  8. Get red Swanky! You already have that brown tote. Have you received it yet?
  9. I have the navy one with silver's a nice bag :smile: