pet retirement home?

  1. i am considering having some sort of pet trust. thus, if i die, somebody will care for my dog. instead of having a guardian/caretaker, i am thinking about pet retirement home (i think thats what it is called). that way i will not burden an individual in case i end up having a lot of dogs by the time i pass away.
    i am interested to know if anyone in here know of reputable pet retirement home.
  2. never heard of such a place. I have 3 pets and never really thought putting them in a will. now you really got me thinking, thanks. I love my animals like they are my kids, totally going to look in to something for them
  3. let me know if you find anything.... i googled pet rwetirement home and some results came up. but i would like to find a reputable one.
  4. I think it's a great idea to state in your will what should happen with your dog after you die and leave some money for it.
    Try the term "legacy dog" or "dog legacy": something should come up.
    I would also get in touch with the breed-specific rescue group for your breed (if you have a mutt, then with the breed group that is most dominant in your mutt). I am sure they would be able to help. IMHO, the best thing that can happen to your doggie after you die is that he will be loved by a new family which has been carefully selected.
  5. I never really thought to much into it either. When I make my WILL I will be sure to put them in it. I would give them to a family member though.
  6. That's a great idea. I never knew there were pet retirement homes. The owner dying is how some pets end up in rescue. Best of luck finding something reputable to put your mind at ease.
  7. hello, i will try googling the words you suggested.
    i do prefer her to go to a famy, but .... i am planning on having more dogs and i dont currently know anyone who wants to take a couple of dogs.
  8. At the end of the day, a pet retirement home is a better animal shelter. The dog may live in good conditions but has no 'own' person to relate to. It's better if the dog goes to a new family through a rescue organization. I would talk to them and see what they have to say also on the topic of multiple doggies.
  9. i know what you are saying about family.... but dont they (the dogs) form their own family hierarchy at the retirement home?
  10. Today, I've heard that there's some sort of organization that adopts the pets of the ill people. Inquire through the Humane Society, if you can. Maybe, someone can give info about it.
  11. I'd prefer pets to go to family but it is a very good idea if you don't have anyone that you would be sure would want to have them.
  12. I have never heard about this, but that is something to take into account. Good luck on your search
  13. From
    ASPCA: Donate: Planned Giving
  14. DH and I would leave our dogs to a family member(probably brother in law)- I never thought of a retirement home.
  15. The Last Post in Connecticut is a good one for cats. You leave the organization a $$$ amount in you will, and they will care for your cat for the rest of their life.

    Personally, I'm very lucky that my cat's breeder will take my cats should I die or become unable to care for them. She is a lovely caring woman and it gives me great comfort to know my furbabies will be cared for. This is stipulated in my will, and I have a managed trust fund that will provide funds for their care and well being for the rest of their lives.

    I'm single, without family that can care for them, so this is a perfect alternative for me.

    Great thread ! My cats have been great companions and it is right thing to do and make sure they are taken care of when we cannot.