Pet Peeves


Jul 5, 2006
My neighbors who don't pet their dog but leave it chained outside to bark its poor head off all day long because it gets no attention. Poor dog.

People who tailgate on the interstate. I still limp today and have other problems because a tailgater hit me from behind on the interstate, causing a very nasty wreck. You don't get anywhere any faster when you ride on someone's bumper. Especially if you cause a wreck.


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006
Wow!! Everyone has some AGGRIVATING pet peeves!!!

I totally agree with the whole cell phone etiquette stuff, as well as the chained dog issues.

I also can not stand when I am in the movie theater, restaurant, etc. and people feel the need to talk excessively loud, let their baby scream, kids run around, etc.

I cannot STAND how when you are driving a nice vehicle, other drivers in not so nice vehicles seem to drive exceptionally poorly/aggressively..WTF?!?!

I can't stand why people ALWAYS ask my fiancee and I how many kids we want, etc....WE DON'T WANT KIDS!!! And then the weird looks/lectures I get when I kindly inform them of that...I don't lecture people who WANT to have kids...why can they do it to me?!!? To each their own!! Geez!

I can't stand the stereotypes that people give to one another--I can't tell you how many shocked faces I see when people find out that I graduated on the Dean's List from my University just because I have blonde hair and big boobs!!

I work one day a week in retail, and sometimes I feel as if certain clients look down on me because I work there...when these same people find out that my grandfather is a Senator, where I live, my love of LV or some other tidbit that shows that I am not some poor kid, they are just sooooooooooo much nicer and friendlier!! :sad: Why does it matter how much money someone has (or doesn't have)?!!? It does not make them any better or worse as a person...

Yuck!! People who don't cover their noses when they sneeze, or tell their child that they need to cover their nose when they forget to....Hello, cold and flu season!!

OK I have rambled on and on...thanks for the thread so that I can vent! :smile:


Aug 3, 2006
OC California
Obnoxious children/loud people
drivers that don't know how to merge onto the freeway:cursing:
lousy tippers, cheap skates
groups of people blocking a walkway/aisle.. move it or lose it
rude people w/no class
people who let their pets take a dump on your lawn and leave it..have some class!
people who spray their microorganisms all over the place when they don't cover their mouth to cough or sneeze. UGH!
jealous girls who insult others to make up for their lack of self-esteem
ditto to visible thongs and spitters.. Nasty!
drivers that spray their windshields while driving in front of you...couldn't you have done that when you were parked or stopped?:cursing: :cursing:
TELEMARKETERS!... If I want it, I'll call you!
Jehovah's witnesses... Go preach to someone else.
Sep 15, 2006
I love this thread....
I'm back with more.
People chewing gum loudly (and usually treating you to a show of their dental work at the same time)
People doing that 'sucking their teeth' thing. Ewww...
My neighbours, who seem to scream every conversation they have with each other....


May 4, 2006
*people who talk to you very quietly so you can barely hear them and you just want to shout "SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!!"

*People who make excessive noises while eatting


Feb 8, 2006
Anyone other than their parents/teacher disciplining someone.

Guests who tell my dog to get off the couch- Its MY dog, MY couch, and MY house! I'll choose where my dog takes her naps!

People who don't pronounce 'envelope' Ahnvelope.

People who only offer me sandwiches to eat.


Emily :)
May 4, 2006
people who chew gum and talk at the same time... ewwww

people who stare... sorrry but it's just rude

unruly kids thinking the store is their playground

parents who let their kids misbehave like that^^^


Sep 4, 2006
United Kingdom
People who talk with a mouthful of food
Children where the parents have no control and they run screaming in restaurants.
Being keep waiting in restaurants.
People who drive right up your "backside"
SA who think they are to important to serve you


Jul 15, 2006
wow there are some umm extreme ones here :wtf: what's with all the ipod hate? :wtf: if i want to go to the supermarket listening to my ipod so be it! i never even imagined it could annoy people.. it's not like anyone else can hear it if you listen at a reasonable volume.

-bad spelling and grammar
-people who try to tell me that learning more than one language is completely unnecessary since everyone speaks english :cursing:
-people who say your name too much. it just annoys me. i know they know what my name is. oh and calling people mr/mrs etc, i find it very awkward. and i hate it when people call me mrs/ma'am and even miss, especially in order to qualify them proceeding to then say something rude or insulting :cursing:
-people who say something discriminatory and then say "oh but I'M not racist/homophobic/etc., i have lots of gay/black/disabled/foreign/etc. friends" :rolleyes:
-cake mix that requires you to add milk,eggs and butter. why not just make it from scratch? it's only an extra 2-3 steps!
-cutting up all your food, putting the knife away and then proceeding to eat it with one hand, elbow on the table.

and last but not least..

-people on tv who can't pronounce borat properly. come on, he introduces himself every five minutes! ;) :lol:


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Nov 18, 2005
when people use the word "irreregardless" - i'm sorry, but it makes no sense

people who drive slow in the passing lane

telemarketing - i won't blame the employees themselves b/c it's not their fault, but the industry in general...thank goodness for call display


Nov 13, 2006
Girls who hover to pee in public bathrooms, then don't wipe their pee off of the toilet seat :throwup:


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
REALLY impatient drivers. I can't turn into a driveway because the people in the opposite lane won't let me. The driver behind me somehow thinks it's my fault and starts honking at me.

People I have to explain the punchlines of jokes five or six times to before they get it.


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
TV stations that are overenthusiastic about censoring out the 'bad' stuff. (I never watch movies on TV anymore . . . they censor out the good stuff!)

I was at the grocery store last night. I get into the 10 items or less line. I gradually realized I had 11 items. I pointed that out to her and the clerk said it was all right. THEN she told me about a customer she just had who freaked out because a customer in front of her looked like she had more than 10 items. It was only like, one or two more things but they were very bulky so it looked like she had more than she actually did. The clerk said it's not like she can tell a customer to take her stuff off the conveyer belt once they put it down, but the lady freaked out and then told the cashier that SHE should be reprimanded for that. (I didn't see it but I just decided that those people piss me off!)


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
People who can't accept your point of view because it's different from theirs. (I'm not asking people to agree with me, but try to think about where I'm coming from.)

I used to work at Macy*s, and we all had to take this computer diversity course thingie. Accepting people's differences and all that. In that same video, it says that people should not speak their native language around someone who doesn't understand it. (They might think the two people are talking about them or something.)


1) How self involved are you if you think two people speaking another language is automatically talking about you. (If they keep looking in your direction, you might have to wonder. Otherwise, relax).

2) Why was that in a diversity video? Why doesn't the video just come right out and say, "Everyone has to speak English!"