Pet Peeves

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  1. I've yet to see someone do this. so I thought we can make it sort of like a game?

    one pet peeve or maybe max of five? per entry

    (no super long lists please)

    sorry if it's been done already and i missed it (mods feel free to delete if so!)

    i'll start with mine, which prompted this entry

    people who PURPOSELY come near you just to COUGH, and when they are done they go away. :cursing:

    what's your pet peeve(s)?
  2. People who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places just so everyone can hear their conversation, like they're so important.

    Oh and parents who choose to ignore their children when they are loud and running around like they are raised in the wild. There is no way I would allow my kids to act unruly, disrupting everyone around.
  3. rude people in general, kids or adults

    people who don't say please and thank you
    people who act like they are doing you a huge favor, when they are just doing their job
    Children who call me by my first name (we teach our children Mr and Mrs or MS)...this might sound snobby but it instills respect.
  4. people in the grocery store (or shopping, wherever) that are listening to their ipods. i love my ipod to death but, god, not that much.

    those headset things. i'm sorry...but i think you're all schizophrenic, not on the phone.

    employees of a store that cut in front of customers...or take their sweet old time chatting it up with othe employees, while i'm waiting.

    anybody who, upon meeting me for 30 seconds, feels the need to preach to me.
  5. Husbands who fart under the covers :shrugs: :cursing: :throwup:
  6. groups of ppl who walk SUPER slow and they take up the WHOLE sidewalk =(
  7. The neighbour's kids running around our yard and yelling. At breakfast, supper, and when I'm doing my homework. Ahh.

    Excessive *****ing in public.
  8. When I travel by train - the people who sit sooo close to me they're almost in my lap.Gross. I HATE that.
    People shouting their side of the conversation down their phone....I swear, some of them are so loud you wonder why they need to use a phone at all...
  9. I agree with many of these. I live in Vegas so see alot of out of control kids & people walking slow on the sidewalks.
    Biggest one -
    Women who dress like whores. What makes them think I want to see their private parts. Come on ladies have a little class, just cause it comes in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. It is so bad here even last weekend when waiting for a show on the strip to start a group of men behind us were saying they have never seen so many "T*ts exposed in one place in their lives."
  10. I love dogs, and I always ask something like "Is he/she friendly?" before I do the 'let the dog sniff your hand thing.'

    But people who go to touch seeing eye dogs drive me nuts! Yes, it's a dog, but it's a working dog and you're not supposed to touch them!

    There's like three bajillion other dogs you can touch instead! Why one wearing a working dog vest?
  11. LOL :roflmfao: you just made me laugh.
  12. Drivers who cut you off and start to drive real slooow on your lane.:cursing:
  13. . Rude people
    . People who crack their gum
    . Butt kissers
    . Cheap Skates (especially MALE Cheap Skates)
    . People who get ahead based on their looks, money or family name when the truth is, they are as dumb as a rock and have absolutely nothing substantial to offer. And those who promote them in life are even dumber.

    I could go on and on and on...........
  14. Rude, ignorant drivers who don't bother to say thanks when you've just let a whole town through a narrow lane...:wtf: :cursing: :sweatdrop: :s :hysteric:

    False promises - if you can't keep it...don't say it.
  15. Companies, especially those selling health-related services, such as care or medication vendors, whose privacy policies require you, as a condition of a service which you are generally in no condition to decide not to purchase, to either agree to have your information sold to "selected partners who may have products or services of interest to you," or comply with complicated, multi-step opt-out procedures.

    And worse are the pharmacies who sell your name to the pharmaceutical companies, who sell it to anybody with a dollar, all over again for each prescription!

    We had a landline that became completely unusable due to this practice, so great was the flood of spam calls that we had to have it changed, AND change pharmacies, after carefully jumping through opt-out hoops with every major pharmaceutical company individually, to head it off at the pass, while we waited for the opt-out procedure of the new pharmacy to kick in.

    (For the period between when you accept the service, and complete the opt-out procedure, you are fair game)