Pet Peeves??

  1. What are your pet peeves?

    Here are some of mine:yucky:

    hairy chest
    facial hair
    yellow teeth
    fake bags
    loud people
  2. The Evil Legacy of the Tylenol poisoner. Older readers may recall that there was a time when one bought a bottle of aspirin, or a jar of mustard, went home, opened it and WHOOMP! There it was! About 30? 35? ago, some person with mental illness put cyanide in some bottles of Tylenol, and ever since, your every purchase is guaranteed to require you to use a blowtorch and chainsaw to get through 99 levels of seals, bubble plastic, and assorted flotsam and jetsom of Packaging Planet - and of course there is an extra charge, even if it's not really announced or talked about. And yes, there is a theory that the Tylenol poisoner was in fact a covert operative paid by the waste management industry.

    Phone trees. Possibly the greatest evil after the Tylenol poisoner in terms of total time wasted. Please listen carefully as our menu items have changed. No, you listen carefully as my tolerance for mechanical voices requiring me to listen to a recitation of 17 different opportunities to listen to more mechanical voices reciting more of the same has not changed. It is holding steady at zero. If I am calling, it is because I want to speak to a human being, not because I want to hear about how I can not speak to a human being by going to your website, where I will be required to wait for a flash presentation to load, so that I can marvel at what a cutting edge company you are, and then be redirected to a page so lousy with web bugs and tracking scripts and garbage and useless images that from the load time appear to be raw scans with size tags, and you expect me to type personal data into this nest of spyvipers. Or I can stay on the line and punch zero, which will take me to another recording about being recorded for quality control, after a hold time of approximately 48 minutes because all your agents are currently assisting other customers during this period of unusually high call volume, which occurs usually during the hours of 12 midnight to 11:59 PM from Monday morning until Sunday night, during which I will be treated to either a pumped up volume commercial about how I should purchase even more goods and services, and thus engender even more phone calls like this, or if I am lucky, 1001 strings playing Inna Gadda da Vida.

    edit to note: some of the phone tree stuff is from something I saw on some web page, but can't remember which one, so props to whoever should get them!
  4. FAKES .......handbags, shoes, jewelry, anything fake..........

    people who always come in late.........

    dirty fingernails.....
  5. - unkempt feet in exposed toe shoes like flip flops and sandals
    - people with more than 10 items in the 10 items or less express lane at the market
    - friends that routinely stop by without calling first
    - loud chewing of food or gum
  6. ---Amen with the unkept feet. That drives me nuts. Get a pedicure!
    ---Loud cell phone
    ---People who don't know how to merge into traffic
  7. people who wear sunglasses indoors, people who namedrop, fake bags
  8. People who do not use their signal to switch lanes, turn left/right etc. I honestly believe there should be a police unit out there enforcing this on a daily basis!! I'd love to see someone get pulled over for that!
  9. Oh SUCH good stuff. Rock ON.

    Also: Definately.
    PEOPLE, it's DEFINITELY. I can't tell you how many times I have agreed with people's positions on things in this forum - and then the "definately" pops up - and that's it. You've LOST me. Go buy a dictionary the next time you're out buying a designer bag. Sorry - you asked for pet peeves, and that's mine. Rant over. :hysteric:
  10. - People who talk loud on their phones.
    - Makeup sales persons who insist you check out EVERY item they have even though you're NOT interested!
    - Fake Bags
    - Parents that don't watch their naughty children.
    - drivers that push into the lane you're in by force X(

    ahh the list can go on and on lol ;)
  11. People who won't just disagree with you. They have to prove you wrong.

    Mean customers. Not just to me, but to any cashier / salesperson.
  12. Wifebeaters on guys I know (I don't know why but I am ashamed of it)
    When people kept insisting they're right instead that you have different opinions
    People who don't put themselves in other people's shoes before acting on something
    People who assume a lot (like all the time, I try not to)
  13. Chronic lateness - SOOOO discourteous
    People leaving turn signals on
    Pushing up against me in the checkout line before I'm done paying
    Parents who let their kids run wild in public with no discipline
    Passive aggressive behavior :cursing:
    Poor spelling/grammar
    Nuclear war-proof packaging (yes, from an earlier post...unfortunately a few people did die from that cynaide-laced Tylenol scandal - it was 1982 and I remember it well - Tylenol Scandal and Crisis Management)
    Close-minded people
    Loud, obnoxious behavior abroad...the "ugly American" syndrome. SOOO embarrassing.

    Whew, that felt good!
  14. LOL ^^

    I have to agree with you on many of those.

    Fake bags :cursing:
    teeth.. OMG major issue
    hairy ... like too much hair. back hair :cursing:
    toilet paper on the roll the wrong way. :hysteric:
    not putting dishes in the sink
  15. ^^
    People who don't know how to merge into traffic > drives me crazy!!!