Pet Peeves, Dont's with your LV

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  1. I have read a thread where one does not like strangers touching her LV, interesting thread :smile:

    I am just wondering...what are your pet peeves when you carry your LV?

    I cringe when a stranger touches my LV without my permission.
    I don't like it when people ask me how much I bought my bag for.
    I feel weird when somebody takes a picture of my LV bag while modeling it without my permission.
  2. I have to agree with peeps modeling my bag without asking. The touching part that's inevitable but if it's exotic or some type of hair calf and they touch and stroke it then that p'd me off. Don't know where their nasty hands been.
  3. When people ask me if it's real.
  4. When people look at my wallet/bag and then look at me, as if it can't be mine...

    Actually... come to think of it... I enjoy it more than get annoyed by it. LOL...
  5. When people ask how much.
  6. I hate when people ask how much it was
  7. When people ask me how much? But I always tell them an arm and a leg. :P
  8. When people say.. Were twins!! And I look down to see a FAKE bag!! :wtf:
  9. when people ask me how much or where i got my bag
    when people touch my bag especially without asking (but that applies to everything i own, i don't know where your hands have been)
    when people tell me they have an LV too and it turns out to be a replica
  10. I dont like it when people insinuate (or flat out state) how I spent too much on my bag. Or even worse, tell me what all more important things I could have spent that money on. :rolleyes:
  11. Fun thread.

    :thinking: My pet peeves would be: if someone touched my bag without permission-now if they asked nicely first, then I'd probably be okay with that; asking how much it costs- but if they're genuinely thinking of getting themself, I don't mind and I'll give them some ideas for a first purchase; if they assumed it was a fake I'd be annoyed-of course that's when I'd tell them about my Michigan Ave. boutique experience and hand them my SA's card, thank you very much!

    One funny incident that happened to me was when a really sweet co-worker innocently asked the price of my Mono Speedy B 25. When I answered she was so shocked all could say was " oh my!" :shocked: It was priceless. :roflmfao:
  12. Totally agree. My parents buy scratch-off tickets seven days a week, lose more than they win but then criticise my LVs?! Oh hell no! At least I'm not throwing my money away-I have something to show for it, thank you very much. :choochoo:
  13. 1. How much? Is it real?
    2. Asks for my other LV bags, because I have this new one and I won't use my other bags? wtf
    3. Touches my bag or grabs it and showcases it to everyone. I've had this happen twice.
  14. +1 ... I hate when they say that I am crazy for buying these bags!!
  15. I only carry LE as far as Louis Vuitton goes. So they usually stop and ask me whether it is real (as it usually does not look like an ordinary LV.) I always say "yes" - but not always politely (depending on who is asking.) Then they look at me as if I were lying, with the look that says something like "ya, right." I ignore them.