Pet Peeve With The New Material

  1. Hey guys,

    I've asked many questions about the courier before but I want your advise. I've been browsing through eBay for a while now to see if I can pick up an 05 courier (below retail). I like the smooth smooshy leather not the shiny veiny kind. So I am worried that if I buy the 07 couriers they will be extremely shiny/veiny.

    Do you like this leather now? Which store has the largest supply of couriers so I can ask them to pick the least veiny/shiny one?

    Thanks again!!
  2. Hey guess what? There are some great couriers below retail on right now!
  3. couriers werent made in 05, so you have 06 & 07 colors only to choose from. I'd call BalNY if you want a brand new one, they are the first place I would check & their SAs will know what you're talking about too!

    best of luck!
  4. Ohh thanks everyone for your advice. I went to bluefly but I am afraid the extra couriers are a bit on the large side for me. Mocean, do you mean Barneys, not to sure what BAl is. Thanks!
  5. ^BalNY is the Balenciaga boutique in New York. :yes:
  6. PS: Their # is 212-206-0897