Pet peeve on resale bags...

  1. Does this irk anyone else. The plastics on the hardware of brand new Hermes bags cover the strap closures and the hardware knob and the hardware on the flap. Sellers say plastics are still on, it's brand new. Then when you get them you see there's no plastic on the inside flap hardware (or if its a kelly, on the strap) or the feet. if it is truly brand new, those should all be in place. i often forget to look for that but it stands out if you know what to look for, and especially the plastics on all four feet. its so special. thanks for letting me vent. i love the process of unwrapping a perfectly brand new bag! :drool:
  2. Have to say that TYPICALLY, when a bag was offered to me straight from the box, the plastics are on the hardware BUT I have bought bags straight from the boutiques where the plastics have been removed. :yes:

    There was this one time, when I was shown this bag (don't remember the name - it is a new messenger style bag with different attachments, made of crinoline and leather) - when the SA was trying to figure out how to attach the straps, another came to help out and started peeling off all the plasics. My eyes started bugging out. Since I am allergic to animal hair, I had to turn it down - couldn't even touch/molest it. The bag ended up in the display cabinet that day....
  3. It would irk me too, if that would happen. You´re left to wonder is it the same bag.
  4. OMG, how funny. i would have been aghast too. half the fun is peeling off the plastics!:nuts:
  5. I have never seen plastic on the feet. Have received brand new bags at Hermes with plastic in all the other places.
  6. I like being able to take off all of the plastic. (Probably some deep seaded Freudian thing). I know what you mean about the plastic on the feet. I ofter wonder if it's a question of how many people have seen the bag? Are they removing the plastic to look at it better?
  7. I've seen what is supposed to be brand new in the boutique bags with no plastic......:shrugs:
  8. I've received brand new bags from the boutique missing plastic in certain areas as well........or had it peeled partially back. Never worried about it (figured it could come loose so easily) and I know my SA and probably several other SA's have sometimes handled them and/or shown them to other clients.

    Unless it caused a scratch or something, that's not a huge issue IMO.
  9. I was offered a shrinkwrapped Kelly once in Blue Sapphire Box leather with only plastic on 3 feet. It was the funniest thing. Even SA scratched his head in wonder.
  10. I have bought many bags from the boutiques, and only once did I get a bag with plastic on the feet and the hardware knob. In fact, my most recent bolide was unwrapped right in front of me (plastic still on the orange box) and there was no plastic on the feet. But, you're right, it is oddly satisfying to peel the plastic off yourself!
  11. My store manager usually peels everything off the hardware before she hands me the bag. I don't mind. As long as the hardware isn't damaged, it's just plastic... Not as if she spat on the bag or anything.
  12. Blue saphire box leather? I hope you didn't pass on this one:sweatdrop:!
  13. The bags I get from LZ always have plastic on all the hardware. And the bags I get direct from my H store also always have plastic on all the hardware. In fact, bags that I send in for spa treatment, come back with plastic on the strap hardware!
  14. Plastic on the feet is fairly recent.
  15. :yes: Mine too, came back with plastic on hardware. :flowers: