Pet Peeve #1: Snotty Women with Fake Balenciagas

  1. So I was shopping at The Grove in LA yesterday, looking at Chloe bags in Nordstrom, and I saw this lady, dressed to the nines in full-blown stilettos, short denim shorts, a too-tight-for-thou tank and a fake, pleather black Balenciaga city. Her hair was all curled and you could tell that she really put in some significant effort to look good. Then, she walked past me and asked the SA where the Balenciaga bags were. When the SA told her that Nordstrom does not carry Balenciaga, she had a hissy fit saying that she bought her Balenciaga at Nordstrom in New York.

    I was so disgusted. It would have been bad even if Nordstrom did carry Balenciaga, but she was actually holding a fake Balenciaga and pretending to be a member of "high society," when she really looked like a cheap hooker.

    Sad. Just ranting. Have any of you come across a situation like this? When you just want to take your authentic Balenciaga and smack the other person's head with it?
  2. :yucky: trash i tell ya!! but what a hoot... she got bummed out!!!
  3. That's funny, especially since Nordstrom used to carry those awful Helen Welsh B-bag knock-offs. Perhaps the woman really did purchase her bag at Nordies and is looking for another knock-off in a different color!
  4. OOH I LOVE the Grove! The SAs at Nordstroms are so sweet!

    haha random and totally OT!

    UGH. I hate that too! You know what else is irritating? When you're carrying your AUTHENTIC b-bag and some woman glares at you / looks you over while she's carrying her FAKE b-bag. I'm just like.. UM, what did I do wrong?!! :Push:

    But yes. Your story is awful. Especially because in LA, you see so many copies EVERYWHERE. One time, I was on another forum where a member was bragging about how she had just gotten her "gorgeous seafoam first".. and then posted a pic of a totally off pleather copy. And the worst part of it is that everyone on the forum thought it was real... and the OP would talk about how incredibly expensive it was and how hard it was for her to get it because she had been on the list for months and had to get her mom to talk to an SA for her to get it from Neiman Marcus! BLECH. :yucky:
  5. Ugh. I agree. So declasse. I mean, I have a pretty big problem as it is with people with fake Balenciagas, period. But when you're "dressed up" and carrying one, and giving people attitude, that is just repulsive.
  6. :roflmfao: I think those girls are ridiculous! I see them sometimes here in honolulu too... OK, just this saturday, I went to my friend's to play tennis and her next-door neighbor was having a garage sale, so we decided to pop over. The owner was selling his ex-gf's black mini classique that had super duper square buckles and shiny shiny shiny silver hardware and on top of that... was pleather! I nudged my friend and raised an eyebrow and asked him how much he wanted for it. He went off on a speel about how his ex was a spendthrift, had tons of Manolos (pronounced Man-o-loos by him) and spent over 1K on it and so he was "willing" to take $275 bucks for it. I just looked at him and nodded and said good luck! and left... my friend was just laughing and laughing b/c the guy was so crazy! he was also selling some "authentic hawaiian shirts" for $80... they weren't even vintage, we're talking ABC store! so super-overpriced here in Hawaii. Even the swap meet (which is also overpriced if you know even a few wholesalers here) is less expensive!
  7. We went skiing in Aspen last year. We were in Starbucks waiting in line and I had my Marron Purse (A/W 05, LOL!). I could hear these two puffy-lipped-and-fur-coated-women sitting at a table discussing whether or not my bag was REAL or not! I looked right at them and they shut up and looked down. When I looked away they continued discussing my bag. I heard one of them finally say, "It's definitely real". LOL!
  8. She probably got it from Walmart!! :roflmfao:

  9. you mean the fake handbag stand outside walmart.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. ugh, how annoying. snotty people are bad enough, but those that are snotty with really no good reason are the WORST!
  11. Yesterday, the H/B and I went out to dinner at this small restaurant (a wonderful little Greek place that makes the most wonderful Chicken & Lamb Kebobs).

    Anyhow, this "entitled" (at least she seemed to think so) came in carrying the most butt-ugly fake Black "pleather" Balenciaga bag. First, let me preface the rest of the 'story' by saying that just like you're encounter with the *faker*, this lady was also dressed-to-the-nines! Meanwhile, she's over by the condiments, and starts STEALING Tea Bags (they were in various dispensers), Sweet & Low, Sugar Packets, just about everything that wasn't moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT believe it ... she knew darn well that I was looking right at her, and she didn't give a :censor: !

    She then starts to proceed all the way around the room to "show" off her fake piece of crap!! Unbeknownst to her, I had my brand new Black Purse under the table. What was hysterically funny, is that even my H/B noticed the *fake*, and says (and I know that she heard it) "Honey, it looks like her bag is a fake ... it doesn't look as nice as yours!". :lol: Ha ... way to go hun!!

    Before we left the restaurant, I made sure to "show off" my Black Purse :roflmfao: ... and then spoke to the owner (we've known him for years) to inform him of all the "items" :wtf: in her bag! As this is a small place, the owner was incensed (especially since this lady and her husband certainly looked like they could afford it). Imagine her surprise when the owner comes over to ask her to dump out the contents of her *fake*!!!!!! Not only had the woman taken Tea Bags, etc. - she actually had the gall to take multiple place settings of SILVERWARE!!! UFB!!!
  12. OMG, that is awesome that you told the owner!!! wtf was she thinking? i thought only senile old woman stole food from we can add bbag posers to the list!
  13. That is SO funny!!! Some people make themselves look so stupid. Did you get to see her face when she saw your REAL Bbag?
  14. tea bags is one thing, but silver utensils is blah!

    I've seen plenty of people in Bangkok with fakes, but I don't think they know that the real thing exists (What's balenciaga? They only know LV).. so I just go along my merry way.

    I think I told you guys this already, how I once went out with a friend and her snooty mom with a broker. And the broker had a super fake (and was driving a mercedes). The following week when I met up with the friend, she was carrying a fake chloe. She said her mom "found it too heavy" so she let her carry it... now I'm wondering whether the mom thinks I've got a fake too? Or maybe feels bad that her daughter doesn't have a it bag? Eitherway, I love my friend too much to let her know it's fake and I really despise the mom...
  15. Yes, I did ... her eyes were kind of bugging out and trying to take it all in. I had more fun seeing her squirm when the Owner came over and told her to empty the bag!!!! :roflmfao:

    At first she started up with the "how dare you ..." until I piped in and said "lady, you know darn well that I saw you put all that stuff (I didn't mention that I missed the silverware) into your bag ...". When she tried to continue with her tirade, the Owner simply said that she had two options:
    1. Empty out the contents and hand all the stuff over
    2. He will call the Police; she will be charged with theft; she will have a criminal record as there are multiple witnesses (my husband also saw some of her shenanigans).
    Needless to say, she emptied out the contents ... that's when we all heard the clink-clink-clink of the silverware on the floor ... :lol: :lol: . The H/B and I were laughing our butts off all the way home!!!