Pet insurance?

  1. Hello all,
    I am thinking of getting pet insurance for my animals. Any recommedations? I was told that VPI was a good company because they are one of the oldest ones. I just wanted to hear of people's experiences with this. Thanks!
  2. VPI is also the only one i know about. people are mixed on how good it is. It's hard to say if it's really "worth" it, as it doesn't protect or insure against any common diseases/maladies known to the breed. For example, i have a newf...he wouldn't be covered for Hip Dysplasia because it is common in the breed. you know?
  3. I know only of and VPI. I think pet insurance is so important. You never know what could happen to your pet.
  4. My two chihuahuas are on VPI....I love it!

    It is apx $32 dollars per dog a month, but they are on the highest plan with the cancer coverage, etc.

    They have been enrolled on VPI since they were like 9 weeks old...the earlier you get them enrolled the better it is, since they will hopefully cover more:smile:

    I highly recommend VPI:smile:
  5. We paid for the insurance that our vet offered and I think it was just their plan. The cost basically covered all the exams and shots a healthy pet needs each year. In addition there was a % off surgeries, medications, boarding, etc. We always saved money buying it.
  6. VPI is great - we have it on Lizzie and had it on our boston terrier. Sad story, but at 4 years old he got very sick. it turned out he had a very aggressive form of stomach cancer, and all the xrays, 2nd opinions, and the overnight stays with 24 hour care while we made the decision to let him go, was over $2400 - after all was said and done, we only had to pay $600 because we had VPI. No, they don't cover certain breed related expenses, but cancer is very common in dogs, and VPI was so great to have during an incredibly tough time...
  7. ^ ITA!! :smile:

    Glad to hear Lizzie is doing better!!
  8. I have coverage with VPI and though my lil guy hasn't had any health problems in the past couple of years, I wouldn't be without it! He had some health problems about 2 1/2 years ago and it really helped! We were reimbursed for quite a chunk of money, so it was well worth it!
  9. I never even thought about getting pet insurence :wtf: :sweatdrop:
  10. Do any of these companies cover office visits? Honestly, they stick you with $30-something fees just to be seen. ugh.
  11. I wish I had gotten insurance for my rat Poofie when he was alive. He had to have surgery, and I racked up almost $1000 in expenses (including repeat visits and medicines)! You would never think a tiny rat would be so expensive. I didn't even know that pet insurance was available for small animals, but apparently VPI offers it.
  12. i used to have pet care and now switched to VPI coz we get discount from my hubby's work. i think they both are good.
  13. I have VPI, which is I love the peace of mind. I have a 3-year old Persian and the cost is $18.99 monthly. Basically you take a claim form with you when you go to the vet and you have to pay the vet the full amount of the bill up front. Then you send in the claim form to VPI and they send you a reimbursement check. It's very easy. They don't cover 100% but getting anything back at all is nice. It really helps with large bills when your animal is very sick. I wish I had it when my previous Persian had cancer. The bills were unbelievable.
  14. I highly recommend it - we have dogs and I wouldnt be without. There are tons of insurers out there - its just a case of finding the right one.

    But I would definitely go for it.

    Better safe than sorry!
  15. When I had my dog we went to Banfield (they're inside a lot of petsmarts). They have dog/cat health care plans.... I had her on one of the higher plans cause she was older.... It was $35 a month - covered as many office visits as we wanted and anything needing to be done annually (including her dental cleaning since she was older). She was not in the best condition the last few years of her life..and on a lot of medications - my plan also gave us 25% off everything that wasn't INCLUDED in her plan.... So we got that on her medicines every few weeks and extra tests that needed to be done occasionally and a few other procedures she needed. It was WELL worth the money.... Their print outs actually show you how much you would have paid without the plan versus what you paid with it. Both for every line item on each bill - and then there was always a running total that showed what you'd saved over the life of the plan. The 2 years my dog was on it we saved like $4000. I would have done it with my cats when I got them - but I moved someplace that doesn't have Banfield so I couldn't. But if I move somplace that does again I would in a heartbeat.