pet insurance

  1. Do you guys have pet insurance? Do you think it's necessary? I just got a new puppy and am confused about it.
  2. have not gotten it yet but its worth every penny. just in the maintenance of your pets health if nothing else. its a great idea. do it if you can.
  3. ^^^Thanks. :smile:
  4. I got it when my dog was really young but then once I got it I never used it and had it for a whole year. I haven't had it since. Back then it cost I think $200 for the year. Now that she's older (12) I'm sure they won't even insure her. She's a little old lady.
  5. i have been told by vets and looked into it a LOT and it really isnt worth it , it does not cover MOST STUFF at all it wont cover most meds, or reg, vet bills

    the only thing its really useful for is if your cat/dog has something awful like cancer anything terminal but long lasting

    otherwise for normal animals it isnt worth it and for what it does cover it covers only about 10% so if you have $2000 vet bills from a serious emergency it will cover 10% of that
    and how often does that happen?? and you are paying hundreds of $$'s for it

    i decided not to get it for my kittens and the 2 times other then their main shots tht they went to the vet (one was kidney tests for this awful recall thing) wouldnt have been covered at all!
  6. ^^^Thanks all. Zophie, your dog is cute. :smile:
  7. I currently have VPI Insurance and i don't think paying $21.33 a month is millions of dollars for my puppy to be covered for accidents and illnesses as well as routine coverage (shots) Even if they don't give you your entire money back...who cares? Neither does car insurance. Some is better than none. And VPI is covering this whole recall far as visits, xray costs, and blood tests etc.
  8. I have VPI also. I find it a hassle to fax all those papers, but I feel comforted in knowing that if something big happened that I have the insurance.
  9. i would pay anything to save my babes i would sell off everything i own so for me i dont want to live thinkig something will happen and pay all the time when very rarely does much happen to indoor cats

    and if it ever does id sell the clothes off my back for them so i dont feel its necessary

    and im glad that insurance is paying for the recall thing thats awsome!! and $21 isnt a lot a month but it is if you pay it for 10 years and nothing ever goes wrong ever,,,, i dunno for me its just not worth it i would do anything to save my cats if something happened but as indoor cats i dont think much does

    i had my old cats for 19 years and not once did i ever need pet insurance
  10. ^^^its a personal decision. sure some animals may never need it but its just the price to pay for peace of mind. I've had dozens of dogs and cats throughout my life and the odds are, a couple of them are going to need it sooner or later. I had one cat that needed surgery and $2000 later was 100% better but I sure could have used that then. It depends on the company. VPI seems like a good company from what I've read in their pamphlets. (ie; covering maintenance visits like certain shots and check-ups) If I ever get new animals (my dog and cat are too old now) I would absolutely make the investment.
  11. I guess cat's may be a different story, i don't know i have never owned one. All i know is i don't know what could or won't happen and i'd rather not risk finding out without having the comfort of knowing i'll have some help.

    I had a dog for 10 years that passed away in July 06 and throughout those 10 years i never knew about pet insurance and i wish i did. We spent well over $2,000 trying to save him and we still had to put him down. It was horrible having to think about money and his health at the same time. Now, i don;t have to worry as much because i know i'm covered in alot of areas.

    My puppy now is an indoor pup and only goes out for walks or the dog beach and what not...but i guess from past experiences i feel it's better to have it than not.
    Kinda like my health...i never get sick...ever...but still pay 80 bucks every 2 weeks incase something ever did happen.

    My health is just as important to me as my puppy's.

    And yeah the faxing is a hassle....haha.

  12. I didn't have private pet insurance...but when I had my dog I took her to Banfield and had her on one of their pet healthcare plans. I paid like $35 a month (she was on their senior plan) and then it included free office visits, all routiine annual healthcare (including dental) and 25% off everything else I might need. They would print off an invoice everytime showing what you would have paid if not in the plan versus what you did pay...with a running total. My dog had a lot of issues the last couple of years she was with me...and I saved THOUSANDS of dollars by having her signed up on the Banfield plan. And the best was I think the free office visits.....I didn't worry about the cost of a visit...and anytime there was something that I felt wasn't right we went into the vet and it was included in our plan...and I had the piece of mind that she was getting good care.
  13. I have VPI for my Sophia (who's a year old) and it's been worth the 20 bucks or so every month, to have some piece of mind with her health.
  14. oooh Banfield has a Senior Plan? I am so checking that out!
  15. We have Banfield as well, and I am so glad we do. They offer different levels of coverage depending on the age and health of your pet, which makes it convenient and affordable, plus we have the extra peace of mind of having their exams every 6 mo. without having to shell out a few hundred $ each time for both exams, shots, and dental cleanings. Def. recommend it. :yes: