Pet Insurance Opinions

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  1. Hello All-
    With the current economy, our hospital would like to offer our clients alternative ways to pay for pet care. We already offer Care Credit. I was wondering about everyone's experiences with pet insurance. Blown ACLs (CCLs) is becoming something of an epidemic....we do TPLO and suture surgerise several times per week. Has anyone had this covered by insurance? Any good/bad recommendations? Any input would be appreciated. I would like for people to be able to pay for pet care.
  2. We have VPI - of course we have never had to repair an ACL - but here is an actual example of VPI's coverage for it. Everything I've submitted (which has been A LOT thanks to the HGE...)


    Procedures and Products Fees*VPI Standard Plan Benefit Allowance**

    Exam and treatment fees (surgery and medications) $1,226.05 $724.00
    Anesthesia $128.00 $75.00
    Testing $97.50 $90.00
    Subtotal: $1,451.55 $889.00
    Less deductible -$50.00

    Eligible expenses $839.00
    Total reimbursement: $755.10($839.00 x 90%
  3. I'm always leery about pet insurance because a lot of those insurance companies refuse to pay up. I was reading how one company will not cover any health problems that are prone to the specific type of dog. Let's say your dog has arthritis and needs medication, if your dog breed is prone to arthritis, the insurance will not help cover cost of medication, etc. The whole idea of purchasing insurance is so you have some financial coverage when your pet gets old and will have these problems. There's no point in buying insurance otherwise.
  4. I have VPI for my sheltie, and it's been ok so far, but then again we've never done anything major like an ACL repair.
  5. I'm leaning towards PetPlan US-one of our vets is an acupuncturist, and they cover alternative medicine. It seems like these plans would be most valuable for people who purchase something like a lab pup. All the plans have lots and lots of exclusions-and some seem really unfair-some of the genetic conditions, for example.
  6. I can't say enough good things about my pet insurance. I use VPI.

    Their website is:

    I know you can read about what's covered and what isn't on their site.
  7. ^^ wowza, that's awesome!!! :wlae:
    (i just got VPI for my puppy this month)
  8. ^^ VPI has been very good to us. The most I've ever submitted was around $800 when my male Basset Hound was in the hospital for 3 days. They have always paid out well when it comes to things.

    As for the poster who mentioned they don't cover things for certain breeds - yes, that is true, especially for pre-existing conditions. But there are a few different companies so maybe you will find one that suits you.

    As for me - I chose to get pet insurance so if something horrific happens, I can think and make decisions with my heart... instead of my checkbook....
  9. I just submitted a claim to VPI for $267, and was reimbursed $123. Kitten was sick over the holidays (bloody nose, sneezing) and luckily I was able to get her in to a vet without having to go to an emergency facility.

    I only wish I had this insurance with my previous cat when she had cancer and we eventually had to put her to sleep. The total bill was over $8,000 and although the vet allowed me to pay the bill in installments, I still believe my bill would have been greatly reduced if I had had pet insurance. I'll never go without it again.
  10. ^^ doesn't VPI cover ER visits (?) :shrugs:
  11. Hmm I am interested in this now for my two bichon frises - is VPI terribly expensive?

  12. ^^ wow, you've got 2 bichons?!?!

    p.s. i think VPI is very fair @ $500 per year for
    my bichon baby to have the premier coverage
  13. Thank everyone so much-it's very helpful to get opinions from real people. I just don't want to recommend scams to clients.
  14. Oh, absolutely they cover ER visits. I've taken her to ER twice. But this time she was sick during regular business hours, and I was able to make an appointment with a regular vet. I knew it would be less expensive than ER.

    For those interested, I have basic coverage + wellcare coverage and it's $24.99/month for Kitten.
  15. A claim I submitted for Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis -- I submitted a total of $408.88 and I was paid $296.67 (there is a $50 per incident deductible)

    Pillsbury, 5 year old Basset Hound is around $39 a month
    Sydney is 2 and runs about $29 a month.
    I get some sort of multi-pet discount. I have it set up to automatically charge my credit card so that's why I don't have the exact amount!