Pet Insurance? Opinions.

  1. Hi everyone. I am asking this because I have two dogs, a pug (age ten),and a cock a poo( 1 year old). I have had dog insurance on them for a while, but I am beginnig to wonder if it is really worth it. We are paying 142.00 CDN. every month to insure the two. We have had other dogs in the past and we have never had insurance, however the last dog we had got sick at a very young age and we ended up spending 8,000 in medical bills. After that we put insurance on the two we own now. It just seems like alot of money to pay out. I would love to hear opinions. :confused1:
  2. My old dog got very sick (first she had problems with her knees that required surgery, then she got cancer and had two surgeries, then she became diabetic and needed daily insulin and vet visits 2-3 days a week for months, before having one last surgery, which she never recovered from) Just the last week of her life cost me around $3700, and I don't even care to think of how much money I spent on vets the last few years of her life. But it doesn't really matter either, as she was worth every penny, and more. My new puppy, I've insured, and I pay around $360 a year for her, and it covers treatment up to $7000 a year plus cost of meds, if I remember correctly. The puppy is now 2, and last year I discovered she has allergies, and the insurance already paid for itself that year. I wouldn't go without it, as it provides me with the security I need, knowing that whatever happens she'll be able to get the medical care that she needs. But if you pay $$$ a month, maybe you should consider putting the money in a separate account, and using it for the dogs in case something should happen? :flowers:
  3. we had pet insurance when we got our first dog from the pound 4 1/2 years ago, it also covered our 2 cats. it was expensive and did not cover routine vet care. we decided to put the monthly cost of the insurance into a savings account, so that we would have $$$ if anything happens.
  4. I think pet insurance is only worth the money when the dog is still a puppy or is very old. Otherwise, it is really a waste of money. I had insurance on my dog for 2 yrs...the first yr was sorta worth the money since it paid for the shots (that cost extra!) and my dog had a few issues. But the second yr he hasnt had one problem...and i paid close to 350 a yr for it.
    Another situation i would get pet insurance is if ur dog has constant las pom was so brittle and ways always throwing up, so the insurance was def. worth the 350 for all the blood test and xrays he had done.
  5. We decided to do something similar.

    When I first got cats, insurance wasn't really an option, I don't think. This past summer, I had to put down my 19 year old cat. She was very healthy all of her life, maybe we were lucky? But even with taking her in more often as she aged and her daily meds, it wasn't a cost I could not bear. Her last 4 days, the vet bill broke $3,000... not a fun bill to pay as you're saying goodbye to a loved one. At that time it made me think, well, maybe I should have insurance for my other two (5 and 8) but really... I would have spent much more on their insurance than what I had to pay in the end. So we do have an emergency fund for thier care, so it isn't a huge financial burden if something tragic does happen. Currently, that is the best decision for me.
  6. I have insurance on my little Pepsi. He had an allergic reaction a few months ago and everything was covered not to mention all his shots, booster shots and it even covered his neutering. IMO it's money well spent. He is a member of my little family and is well worth it. I hate to say this, but I like him better then most people out there.
  7. I turned down insurance when I got my cat.

    Three months later she needed surgery and a long vet stay which cost $2,000.

    I sure wish I hadn't turned down that insurance...and now because she's already had health problems nobody will insure her (or it'll cost an insane amount of money).

    I say it's worth it.
  8. My Chis have been on VPI pet insurance since they were about 7 or 8 weeks old and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    Highly recommended!!
  9. does anyone have a pet insurance company they recommend? I am thinking about it for my Mia. She is a puppy and has been fine so far but I am thinking about getting insurance before I take her to day care + groomers. Thank you!
  10. ^VPI...especially if the dog is young (puppy) it is highly recommended!
  11. Ok, thank you!! I will look into VPI. Thanks!
  12. No problem!

    My Chis are on the highest plan, complete with cancer coverage, for about $32/month per dog
  13. I also recommend VPI. My babygirls, beaver (yorkie) and chewbie (maltese) have VPI since they were 10 weeks and so far its been great. I also recommend getting the rider for cancer, very affordable.
  14. VPI covers my bunnies. When my baby got suddenly sick and passed in October, the bills totaled 2000....I didn't have insurance and THANK GOD I had enough space on my over full credit I have VPI and am hoping it will help in the future should I need it
  15. I worked as a veterinary technician for 5 years and a number of people in the practice had pet insurance. Please please please make sure you do some thorough research. Unfortunately, I did see some owners that wasted their money on insurance. Some insurance companies are very limited in what they will and will not cover.
    That being said, I do not have pet insurance for my kitties. My dad is a veterinarian, so I don't have to worry about cost of services. I have also been fortunate enough to have had pets that are healthy and have had long lives. So for me, it wouldn't have been worth the money for insurance.