Pet defender saves dog, gets punished

  1. I think this man is a HERO who should be praised and not punished. The only thing he could have done better was to lock that awful owner in the car for hours on end.

    August 12, 2007
    Simona Siad
    Staff Reporter


    A pet detective who is temporarily suspended after rescuing a dog from a locked and overheated car says he was just doing what his mandate asks him to do – save animals' lives.

    Tre Smith, an animal cruelty investigator for the Toronto Humane Society and former mall security guard, is not allowed to investigate animal cruelty complaints pending an investigation in which he handcuffed the owner of the dog to a car.

    But the highly publicized pet saving incident has ignited emotion and feedback from hundreds of pet owners and swamped the Toronto Humane Society with letters and emails calling for his reinstatement.

    On July 31, Smith responded to a call that Cyrus, a 50-kg Rottweiler, was locked in an overheated car. The Toronto Humane Society investigator smashed through the car window, rescued the dying dog, who was slumped and foaming at the mouth, and handcuffed the irate owner to the car. He then rushed the dog to a hospital, leaving the man there handcuffed until police arrived on the scene.

    "I was trying to perform my job to the best of my abilities given a very difficult, threatening and abusive situation," said Smith.
    But reports soon followed that the handcuffed dog owner was beaten by the crowd (PLEASE NOTE: this is what the dog's owner alleges happened) and was bleeding when police arrived, so the Ontario SPCA has hired a retired Ontario Provincial Police officer to probe the incident and determine whether Smith had followed proper protocol or overstepped his limits.

    It seems public sentiment for Smith in cyberspace is growing. There are more than 10 Facebook groups calling for his reinstatement.
  2. Supporters Of Suspended Humane Society Investigator Hold Rally In His Honour

    Wednesday August 15, 2007 Staff
    Tre Smith just wants to return to doing what he does best - saving the lives of defenseless animals.
    But he can't - not while an investigation by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) into the Toronto Humane Society investigator's actions on a previous case is ongoing. Officials are probing whether Smith was right to handcuff a pet owner to his SUV and leave him there while he rescued a near-death Rottweiler named Cyrus who'd been left inside the sweltering vehicle. They suspended him from those duties in the meantime.
    Animal rights activists and supporters of Smith gathered Wednesday at the Toronto Humane Society for a rally in his honour in the hopes that the organization will return him to his normal job - he's not allowed to do animal rescues or investigations while the probe is underway and has been relegated to desk duties.
    "I'm absolutely in the dark," Smith admitted. "Nobody's said why I've been suspended, or what's happening or when I'm going to get back.
    "For now I'm just sitting around pushing papers, and not at the forefront fighting animal cruelty."
    Cyrus nearly didn't survive the late-July ordeal, and it's believed he suffered mild brain damage. While handcuffed to the car the pet owner was allegedly beaten up by bystanders, another part of the case authorities are looking into.
    CityNews received a flood of emails backing Smith's actions, and he appears to have fans across the GTA. A Facebook group in support of the Humane Society worker now has more than 4,000 members.
  3. I LOVE that he handcuffed the guy and that a mob kicked his butt. I hope they didn't give the dog back to the guy.
  4. ^ITA.

    I am totally supportive of the Officer. He was just doing his job. I am glad the dog was OK, but it is so sad that there are people out there who think it is OK to lock their dogs/pets in the car when it is so hot out.

    Just last summer, I had to call 911 on a lady who locked her two dauchsunds in her truck and went into the grocery store. I (along with another bystander) was about to break one of her windows when the officer pulled up. Seconds later, the lady came outside from the grocery store and got a lecture from myself AND the officer.

    No ticket was given, though, and that really made me mad.
  5. Unfortunately, they did. I hear now that owner is going to sue, although luckily, ridiculous law suits aren't as well received in Canada as they are in the U.S.
  6. ^^^^ Why the hell would they do that!!!! :cursing:
  7. what why is he suing, serves him right. I am glad the mob got a a few hits in.
  8. Just read on Toronto Star: They stood by their decision to suspend him. GREAT. One less man to fight against animal cruelty.
  9. He got the dog back after almost killing him and is now suing?!? :cursing:
  10. That is so sickening. And in my city, too. :sad: What kind of a warped war is this that we live in????
  11. Courageous man.
  12. the world has gone mad.....
    we are punishing people for doing the right thing now?

    and how come these crazy people got the dog back?
  13. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE could they suspend him, %$^%$#^ idiots!!!!! Poor dog, I really dont know what to say...
  14. I don't understand what they said he did wrong. He got the dog out of the car which was wonderful.

    What was the problem: breaking the window or handcuffing the guy to the car?
  15. This is like rewarding that guy for being a disgusting human being. He should be in jail.