Pet deaths prompt recall of pet food

  1. Omg!

    I am so happy I don't feed my boys wet food. How horrible that dog food would do that to our babies! I feel so bad for anyone that lost their pets over this.
  2. That's so scary!! I would never buy those brands anyways, but I wonder what it could be?! :sad: I would freeaaak out if that happened to me. There would be a lawsuit. So sad...they should have everything down since they test on dogs and cats.:cursing:
  3. I'm SO glad we don't use that food, but imagine how many pets are eating it---SO HORRIBLE!!!!!!! :cursing:
  4. Thanks for posting this-I am terrified of anything happening to my girls.
  5. I was so upset when I read the article. We have a little Havenese. Thank God she doesn't eat that kind of food.

    My heart goes out to all the pet owners that are effected by this awful situation.
  6. Prada, thanks for posting this! I just read it on a new site and was going to post it but did a quick search and saw that you beat me by about 5 hours..
  7. Thanks for posting that! Those poor dogs! And their poor owners!
  8. I am so glad that I don't feed my dogs wet food. What food exactly was being recalled, Iams and Eukenuba wet food?? The owners who lost their pets are going to be in my prayers!!
  9. My kittles eat this! I am freaking out. Its mostly the pouches and we RARELY buy them but they were eating the affected batch about a month ago. I am so scared. :sad:
  10. Oh Selena hopefully they will be okay!!:heart: I would take the for a vet check up just to make sure. Its been a month, so hopefully that means that if anything was going to happen, it would have already.
  11. Your welcome Irishgal :heart:

  12. YIKES !!! Are you going to get your kittes checked ?

  13. :sad: omg keep us updated - i agree with danica - you should be okay since its already been a month with no issue.

  14. Called the vet and he said they should be ok. But toldme to call if anything seems amiss. I am so scared. My tiny little Teenis threw up yesterday. :sweatdrop: