pet collars at Hermes

  1. Remember my white cat with the pink ears and black spots? I tried to find a collar today at H, and sadly *sigh* they don't make them in exotics:crybaby:
    But, I thought a fuschia collar would be lovely...if he weren't a boy!

    Can I still make him wear a pink collar in good faith, since it will POP with matching ears? Or maybe a blue jean collar?

    Any suggestions? They had a super cute one with a bell...another had a lock. Most were too big, he's a tiny one. All thoughts welcome! I wonder if I can special order it?:sweatdrop: :roflmfao:
  2. ^^i think if the cat is fixed, fuschia will be purrrrrrrrrrfect!
  3. I dress my white female Chihuahua in pink, cute frilly stuff and my brown female Chihuahua in boy's polos and dark blue shades :biggrin: Make him wear pink, it's in the name of fashion, it's excusable :roflmfao:
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    YOU crack ME up! Yes, he's fixed (shhh, don't tell him!)

    I do adore the fuschia. Especially when it will fade:yes: just a little. thanks!
  5. Thanks Neeya! I see you're turning into an enabler quite easily!:yes: thanks for the moral support. :heart:
  6. ^^dont forget to let him sport a twilly from time to time as well!!!
    :yes: :yes: :yes:
  7. OMG, I made two of my black bags try it on today. I'm such a girl! cobalt, did I tell you the 35cm mystery bag is Gulliver??:sweatdrop: :yahoo: I'm so thrilled!
  8. I think pink will be adorable on your cat. He can be the coolest metrosexual cat on the East Coast.
  9. Nooooo.... don't get him a fuchsia one! The poor boy! It was tough enough losing his 'equipment' for him, so don't mock him! The other cats would laugh at him.
    My suggestion is a nice barenia collar - without a bell.
  10. Go blue jean or maybe hermes orange ?My labradoodle is too big for the leather colours...:crybaby: .. for her first bday she is geting a pink croc (leather ) colour with diamondish studs....
  11. Is he allowed out? A collar with a bell might be a good idea in the Spring to warn the birds. My DH wears pink shirts, look smart and 'manly' and he's definitely not been fixed, sure your cat won't mind!
  12. ^^^I second this!!:yes: :heart: Whatever you get, it sounds so CUTE!
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I think the little guy would definitely wear a barenia collar well - pink would just be mean ;)
  14. I like the blue jean. I think it looks so cute on the Hermes website.
  15. I am the "odd man out" because I think what we consider "girly" colors for humans doesn't necessarily apply to animals. Some of the most beautiful and colorful animals are of the male gender within the species.

    I have a male Maltese and he is wearing a red Valentine bow right now but I have all sorts of colors for him.

    Lady Emma, I would get the collar that you enjoy looking at the most. The cat won't even notice what color it is!