Pet Carriers!

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  1. Does anyone know any cute brands (designer or not, but preferring designer) for pet carriers? I have a small bunny rabbit (see her xanga here ) and i need something to transport her for trips to the vet and whatnot in.

    I've been looking at Juicy Couture ones, and of course LV ones.. At least bunny's don't poo gross wet/mushy poo like dogs/cats.. their poo is dried lil balls. Their pee is the only thing that's obviously wet. haha. But easy to clean, so no worries.. so I thought an LV one wouldn't be an outrageous idea, since her owner (me) lovesssssss LV! haha.

    Does anyone know if Prada makes one though? or any other cute and easy to clean ones? I'm not sure how easy it is to clean in the Juicy ones, cuz I've read some have a velour or velvet bottom and that's.... impossible to clean. Any others come to mind for suggestions??

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I saw a cat in the most gorgeous Gucci carrier once. So sweet!
  3. I've seen a bunch of little chihuahuas here in Juicy ones. I don't care for Juicy, but they're carriers are cute and very small. Like your bunny.
  4. ^ yea i normally don't care for Juicy, but they're small and perfect.. I'm not sure if I wanna shell out over $1400 for an LV one.. yet. lol.
  5. I saw a ton of UGG carriers on sale and Neiman Marcus' Last Call Sale. Even though I'm not generally a fan of UGG, they were as cute as could be and seemed so apropos for little furry friends. I just looked at NMs site and sadly, none are shown. But the NM-Troy store had at least a dozen a couple of weeks ago.
  6. my flat in london has REALLY nice ones....
  7. not being a pervert :smile:hehe j.k but the brand is called my flat in london hehehhe
  8. Yay, a fellow bunny lover! As soon as I saw her, I went, "aww, lionhead!" I want to get a lionhead someday (currently have my little mixed-breed mama's girl, Hailie, and my sweetheart of a purebred black Flemish Giant). I was also happy to see that she's a black bunny (people don't seem to go for the black buns...and some people I've met never knew rabbits could have black fur until they saw Dinah!) and that you had a link to the HRS on there:biggrin: .

    Back on topic...

    I looked at the Juicy carriers for Hailie, and yeah, they don't seem to have an easy-to-clean lining.
    Another thing you have to take into consideration is the way that the sides of the carrier are constructed. You don't want any mesh parts to be close to the bottom, and you want to have easy-to-clean sides as well, since bunnies back up to pee and the pee has to hit a nice solid side so it can slide down into some Carefresh.
    You should also try to find a top-loading carrier. She probably won't cooperate with you and might even freak out if you have to push her into and pull her out of a side door.
    You also want to make sure that the carrier has a good solid bottom that won't sag. Bunnies need to know that their feet are securely on something solid, so a soft bottom would probably make a bunny freak out.
    Also, keep in mind that your small bunny probably won't stay that small. Look at some lionhead breeder sites for standard weights (or ask your breeder how big her parents were and how big she is expected to get).

    If you find anything that is good for a bunny, let me know:biggrin:
  9. hey northernbelle33~! thanks for the suggestions. my bunny actually cooperates very well with side loading stuff a lot more than top loading. her cage is a side loading, and i just let her walk in/out on her own and she's fine with it. lionheads tend to stay pretty small.. about 6lbs at most. i think the LV ones are fine, since it has an easy to clean floor with hard bottom/high sides... i just dont know about the price. lol. it'll probably be the only thing i splurge for her.

    and yea, my parents didnt know that rabbits come in black either.. they thought it was a cat. haha.
  10. You're welcome:smile:
    That's good that she's good with side loading, but you have to remember thatwhen you're at the vet, she can't just walk in and out when she feels like it, so if she doesn't want to come out or go in, you'll have to fish her out of there:P .
    I'm pretty sure the LV carrier is over $1,000. I think it comes in a couple of sizes (they have what appears to be one of the larger sizes (20"x13"x9") up on eluxury (you have to do a search for "sac chien" to find it though) for $1,570)
    For a 6 pound bunny, I think you should have something that's about a foot long. You don't want the carrier to be too big, because she'll feel safer in a smaller space (she won't slide around too much when the car stops and stuff). But she should have enough room to turn around and settle down comfortably.
    Just a random travel fact-Never put a bunny's carrier on the floor of the car. Exhause fumes from the cars ahead of you might blow in through the seams on your doors.
  11. I was just looking at some yesterday! This site has some cute ones, and some are designer-inspired - Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, the Celine Transat bag, even Chanel.

    They're really cute!
  12. omg the bowlenciagas! LOL! so cute though! omg. haha.

    but this is simply adorable and totally affordable!

    and yea, the LV one (the PM) is like $1400.
  13. i have my dog in a gucci carrier. you can read and link to it in my blog. under the title "Poochie Gucci.".
  14. truffles: that is the cutest dog!

    i have three bunnies (one living at my mom's b/c she wouldn't let me take him when i moved out) ...i just move them in a $30 pet carrier when i'm taking them to visit their "grandma" hehe...and the new baby i just got travels in my sweatshirt kangaroo pocket of one of my old hoodies that i put on! haha...its so cute b/c he pokes his head out while i'm driving or walking, i feel like a momma roo! haha
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