Pet Carrier Couture

  1. Ok, so I'm looking for a stylish bag to carry my bunnies (yup- I have cute bunnies!) around in. I can't decide between the Coach (gold) carrier or one of the cute Juicy Couture ones. Was wondering if anyone had an opinion/experience? I decided against the LV since my bunnies don't go out THAT much, I figured the $$ wasn't worth it. Then again, I'm looking on eBay anyways (same reasons) and having trouble deciding which Juicy are real o r not (the Coach is pretty obvious). Opinions wanted!!!!:p
  2. I have a Juicy Couture carrier for my dog. I don't use it too often, but it seems comfortable. You can find them on sale sometimes.
  3. I really like the juicy ones, but it seems that I can only find the small. I'd want to put both bunnies in at the same time (around 12lbs), so I figure I'd need a large size....