Pet as lifestyle statement

  1. Does this infuriate anyone else?

    There's a store in my neighborhood called "Pocket Pals." They sell $2,000+ lap dogs and ALL the accessories you can imagine that go along with them. I can't help but wonder how many women who purchase little dogs end up tiring of them and ultimately neglecting the poor animals -- the same way one might with a purse that's lost its appeal.

    Anyone have a store like this in their neck of the woods? Unfortunately, there's quite a few in Chicago.

    I guess I just don't know why someone would pay $2,000+ for a dog from a boutique like "Pocket Pals" when there are so many lonely little pups in pounds waiting for a good home.
  2. Yes, I find that very annoying. Just like the puppy scam on E-bay, greedy people will always find a way to make money on the backs of innocent animals.
  3. Ugh, this drives me nuts!

    You know what my "pet as lifestyle statement" is? Having less "free" time because I want to spend time with my dogs, having less money because I buy them the best food I can, having a hairy couch and no black sweaters, and having to warn anyone who gets in our backseat that the dogs usually ride back there. Because you know what? I love my dogs and view them as my family. NOT as accessories!
  4. eeeyeww. I'm sure theres one somewhere in LA. How degrading for the poor animal.:tdown:
  5. ^ Sorry, off topic, but aww I love your sloth avatar! They rock.
  6. That's gross. Adding accessories as a gift with purchase is just sick as if you're buying something from a dept store cosmetics counter. I have no doubt these poor animals are from puppymills and not reputable breeders who would never subject their dogs to this.
  7. thank you! I wish we had the climate here to be able to have one!

  8. I've never heard of that. I don't think they exist here thankfully.
  9. I will own up to spending a fortune to purchase my teacup dogs. ( both yorkie and go figure why one of them is called Birkin)

    BUT I dont just treat them as accesories. They are my familys too. Just because I dint get them from the pound doesnt mean I dont love them. They sleep with me on my bed. They are healthy and love eating boiled chicked breasts. They love playing with each other. My boys loves to spend time with me.

    I went through months trying to get one from the pound, yorkies were rarely avaliable or they were already on hold by these so called rescue groups that would turn around and charge a couple of hundred dollars for adoption and I also got scammed by Mina's Paws Rescue in Los Angeles at the county animal adoption event.

    So I gave up the search and paid for mine instead. BUT that doesnt mean I love them any less.

    In the dog park, I know one lady who was in the same shoe as me. She got disheartened by the search and purchased her 6 dogs. BUT she love them more than anything in the world. She would spend $1000s on Fifi and Romeo cashmere shirts for her dogs in the winter and switch on the AC to full blast for her thick haired babies when she's shivering in a sweater. And she didnt even flinch when her baby chewed the corner of her birkin.

    Spending money to buy dogs doesnt necessarily you love them any less.
  10. That DOES drive me crazy, IntlSet, pets are the new handbag it seems.

    It also drives me crazy that, to fuel the craze for pint-sized pets, breeders are creating mini versions of yorkies and chis that are unhealthy and thoughtlessly bred. A lot of these so-called "teacup" dogs have skulls too small to accomodate their brains and suffer from chronic headaches and pain. Because someone wanted a 1.5 pound chi instead of a healthy chi.

    I should add that not all teacup animals are unhealthy or irresponsibly bred, but many are.
  11. ITA! certain unethical breeders would do anything to get that extra bucks. But if you do your homework, you would be able to find teacup/petite dogs that are healthy. My older boy is going to be 2 years old in exactly a month and younger one is going to be 1 and none of them had ANY health issues at all. They both can ran forever and really energetic.

    It makes my blood boil whenever I see someone selling sickly puppies for a profit rather than giving those poor guys treatments.
  12. It's one thing to have a toy breed and the size may seem "teacupish", but no reputable breeder who follows the breed standard would intentionally breed to produce a "teacup" (abnormally several pounds below it's normal weight) and give it's standard two year health guarantee against genetic illnesses. There are a few that will never develop health problems, but a majority of them do whether it's their teeth, enlarged heart due to their size, etc. It seems like the target age has been around 4-5. If they can get past the crucial adult hood (when the vet requires a bloodtest before any procedure including a simple teeth cleaning), then there's a good chance the dog wasn't artificially modified to fit the hype of having a tiny. One of mine had horrible teeth, passed away from cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart and vascular problems at 5 years, and another at 7 for an enlarged heart and neurological isues. I used to rescue poms, and every one I adopted had some problem and was smaller than they were supposed to be except two (which I got at 12 and 16 who also had medical issues)and thousands of dollars later. No one else wanted them, and luckily I was able in the position at the time to adopt these special needs dogs. When I hear "teacup" or "pocket" anything, it makes me cringe. The word "runt" is more comforting since that can naturally happen and that dog still has a chance of being as healthy as it's siblings, and possibly grow into it's normal size.
  13. I have 2 chihuahua's and get really angry when people ask me if I am trying to be Paris Hilton :cursing:!!!!! I don't consider my dogs as pocket pals or as accessories. The thing that gets my blood boiling is to here a dog refered to as handbag size....WTF!! I don't carry them everywhere, they walk on leashes just like other dogs. I don't feel guilty with buying them from a breeder. All the pounds that were in the area where I used to live were filled with pit bulls and personally, they scare me (no offense to people who love them).
  14. I paid $2500 for my one of my chi's and the second I got from a rescue group ($250) shipping for her. I grew up with Chi's my entire life. I was raised by my grandma who had 4 chi's. I dress my dogs up, they each LV dog carriers and every out fit little lily makes. They sleep in my bed, go to the vet every 6 months and are treated better than some people treat their kids. My dogs are part of the family. I have no problem with adopting from shelters, but little dogs there go within hours.
  15. I don't think anyone here is implying that people with small dogs don't love them. It's the idea of places selling/advertising them as fashion accessories that gets us.