Pesticide causes largest mass bumblebee death on record

  2. This breaks my heart
  3. Me, too. I really hope they are wrong about the birds eating the bees.
  4. I am sure the birds did eat the bees, and also that the bees that didnt drop dead on the spot made it home to their colonies and poisoned them as well.

    People need to stop spraying stuff that kills things unless they absolutely know what they are doing. This is just criminal in this day and age. I am floored by this.
  5. Heartbreaking. The human race has been poising the planet for far too long. I truly wish people would just stop spraying all these pesticides and insecticides already!
  6. I just read on the Xerces society page that this was done to kill aphids, and against manufacturers directions, which clearly state not to spray during bloom. This is a federal violation, so hopefully there will be some consequences. Also, they are concerned the toxicity will remain in the trees. Until next year at least. This was done purely for cosmetic reasons.

    And a box of ladybugs would have done the trick nicely.

    Here is the link to xerces, a great organization, by the way
  7. I am disappointed with Target. Surely if it was on their property, they were the ones contracting for the spraying for purely cosmetic reasons. Yes, the company who sprayed against label directions ought to be held responsible, but I think there ought to be a public outcry to Target as well to indicate that the public doesn't support spraying poisons for essentially no reason.
  8. No, it was the property management company for the center that leased the store to Target. Target had a response on their facebook about it. However, since there is a big outcry and their name is linked to it, they should step up and do what they can to raise awareness and pull this out of the crapper, IMHO

    I am so irritated because somewhere out there there is a real live human being who decided to go ahead and use this poison for NO REASON and devastate the pollinator population in this area, at a time when everybody should be doing what they can to protect this incredibly vulnerable and critical part of our ecosystem. And used it on aphids for heavens sake, aphids would not have done any significant damage to the linden trees at all.

  9. Those poor bees!
  10. What an awful story. Heart-breaking, as CB said. Bees are declining for some unknown reasons, but for a deliberate act to incidentally kill so many is terrible. We need them for so many reasons.

    Locally-made honey is good for people with allergies and I haven't found any for a long time--the stores can't find anyone with hives producing enough to sell. This is a very bad sign for the human race. (I could get on my soapbox and talk about why we need to care about the Polar Bear and extinction, but that's for another day)
  11. [ tangent ]

    Saw a story not too long ago that included a segment on Sue Bee honey with the guy bragging about how they buy honey from all over the US and blend it so it has a uniform color. I kinda wanted to reach into the TV and smack him.

    [ /tangent ]
  12. Arghh! Too bad you couldn't do that with your remote, Echoes. Seems like there should be a button for that.
  14. ITA :yes:

    I can't write, much too angry.

    I saw a whole lot of bees dead in our local cemetery, directly under a tree. Now I'm wondering if some idiot from a new gardening contractor did a similar thing All those awards from who and for what? Last year they cut down all the blooming bushes in the area (buddleia) because they were told to cut the over hanging branches of trees to a path. I complained. There was an apology. Apologies don't make any difference. What idiot can't tell the difference between a huge tree and a small bush? No bee, butterfly or bird stands a chance with these corporate morons :mad:
  15. These companies take such shortcuts without thinking. I'm staying for a short time in an apt complex in Illinois. The workers came around and butchered the landscaping down to nothing, including all the buds on some late-blooming lilacs. There will be no flowers from those bushes this year. Plus they have been spraying in an area that appears to have natural wildflowers, which are now dead.

    I'm only a short-term tenant, but I will speak to management (which will be ignored, I'm sure).