Pervasive Persuasion!

  1. Okay, looong story, but it was a great day!

    Today I went out with my cousin and her family to go eat out for her birthday. We ate out at lunch and got home around 1. She had work coming up in a couple hours so my other cousin and I decide to go to LA to see the MOCA exhibit for Murakami! We went to the wrong MOCA! hahaha but the guy at the box office was like, "I see you have a Tokidoki bag on (Tutti Gioco) maybe you'd like to go here (Pervasive Persuasion). It was like an event being held at the other MOCA which had the Murakami exhibit as well. So my cousin and I decided to go! Of course! BECAUSE! Simone Legno would be there! He was there to showcase some art, paint a painting, and help contribute to an art mural which would be cutt up and passed out. He was there with two other designers Gary Basman, and Tim Biskup! Well, we had to get in at 6:30, so we waited for a couple hours. When we got in, I dont know what made my cousin and I wanna sit where we sat, but I am suuuuuuuuure glad we did. There were two paintings up right in front of us, and like we see this guy turn around and it was Simone! I was like YESS!:yahoo: I got to talk to him! HUG HIM! TAKE TONS OF PICS WITH HIM! AND ACTUALLY MEET HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME! hahaha I was the first person to meet him that night =] & We bonded :heart:. Haha his gf even took a picture of me on her digicam! :wlae: He wasnt signing officially but if you had some kinda pen he would do it. So like after the pics and all I found him signing so I waited for awhile! While in line I mett TokidokiBella! hahaha She was like, Arent you.. Reynaldo?! Im like wow everyone knows me for my Tutti BV pic! well yeah his manager cut off the line before me and was like Simone cant sign anymore! The artists did their lil conferences and then they opened the mural up to where people can paint! and it was like a collaboration between the guests and artists! I helped color in something Simone did ;] Okay well the night went on, I mett greaaaaaat people! Very great people! *Thanks ATE & KUYA* [If this part makes sense to you, it was intended for you to read it] Well yeah Simone is soo sweet, he actually apoligized to me personally for not getting to sign my bag, but he said it would get to it as soon as possible! :tup: As the night went I finally got my bag signed by him! And to top it off I got the part of the mural I wanted! Both signed of course ;] Well yess Pics coming soon, I'm too lazy to post em!

    If you went tonight please tell me! We might've spoken!
  2. Awwww awesome story! Can't wait to see your pics.
  3. Pics! Pics! Pics! :graucho:
  4. K pics !

    1st- Simone & I!
    2nd- My cousin, Simone & I
    3rd- The lovely couple & I
    4th- Simone painting his newest at the PP event
    5th- The guy on the floor is part of some performance that was happening between the designers and him. You HAD to be there to understand it.......
    lovelycouple.JPG cousinnns.JPG awww.JPG painting.JPG ART.JPG
  5. Those are great pics Reynaldo! I love Simone's Pirata necklace. :graucho:
  6. More pics!

    1st- His painting, almost done
    2nd- My favorite part of the mural!
    3rd- My faaaavorite piece of the mural signed by Simone!
    4th- My Gioco signed! (Does it look bad?)
    5th- Mmmmm Inferno Gioco! I loved soo many things from there!
    artforreal.JPG Favepart.JPG MINE.JPG signed.JPG toki.JPG
  7. I have a great pic of him signing my bag too but I need to get it off someones camera.
  8. great pictures reynaldo! omg, i think simone is such a cutie!were those bags for display or for sale? damn, i'd have to stop myself from snatching the tan pg dolce and op denaro!
  9. They were for display! I know someone took something though! because when I left I saw something missing, I remember a necklace spread out across the thing and it was gone! It didnt have a glass case over it, so People touched all they wanted.
  10. You're so lucky! :tup: Thank you for sharing...I was planning to go to that until I got sick...don't think people would have appreciated me hacking all throughout the event. :sad:
  11. Bleh, I was coughing for like 10 minutes straight! chewing gum actually helps stop coughing! hahahah

    You shouldve went!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel soo lucky to go, and it was one night only. I believe?
  12. Yeah, it was a one shot deal...sigh. I wanted to go to the Murakami exhibit when I found out about it and then I really, really wanted to go when I found out about Simone being at Pervasive Persuasion. You look great in the pics, BTW! I love Simone's Pirata necklace...I wonder if that's available yet?

    Thanks for the tip about the chewing gum. I've been sucking on cough drops for 3 days straight
  13. So Lucky!! You guys look fabulous! Gosh nice job sporting the tutti gioco! *jealous* I would have LOVED to meet up! I would have died actually lol jk!

    The event looks awesome though! His gf is short like my height maybe, is she Filipina? She's pretty as well! And the painting looks so nice! I want one =[
  14. hey, there's that Mozarella necklace some people were wondering about a while back. Nice pictures
  15. Hey Reynald0c!
    It was great meeting you Saturday night. Your tutti looks good...don't worry about it! SanDy is lookin' good =)

    Anyway, after getting my journal signed, I caught up with a friend from high school who works for him/with him!!!! I almost died when she told me.