PERTH - Where to stay and where to go?

  1. We are planning a drive up to Margaret River and will make Perth our last stop for the last 2 days. There is a big group of us and we are looking for a 3 bedroom aprtment ... are they are reccommendations from the Perth gals? It's bewildering as there's South Perth and East Perth. We are planning to spend haf a day in Freemantle and then go shopping in the high streets... so a central location is good.. Do let me know if you have any good recommendations on what not to miss!
  2. I stayed at the dorm at some university there when I visited a few years ago and it was pretty decent. Went to Freemantle. Everyone tells me that there's nothing much to see in Perth, and the shops close at 5pm sharp. But I think it has a pretty rustic charm.