Persuading someone to buy you something?

  1. Okay, I would like to know how some of you persuade your parents to buy you things? (purses, accessories, etc.)

    Or if you know any good ways to persuade someone to buy you something? Please share.. I might need some ideas. :P
  2. well, my parent's haven't really been buying me things now for about 12 years! LOL!
    They handed that pleasure over to my husband!

    I campaign pretty hard honestly.
    I give valid reason why I NEED this new item {currently larger diamond stud earrings} and appeal to his competitive side by telling him about my friend's new massive pair! LOL!
  3. I buy my bags with my own $ unless it's a gift from BF. When I do some persuading, it's having BF agree with me that it's a good purchase. He watches me so I don't go overboard (which I am so grateful for and don't mind at all).
  4. I wish that competitive stuff would work for me. Sadly I have to buy things for myself or in the case of jewelry...make it for myself. :lol:
  5. if you want something, earn it. get better grades, get a job, join a new activity. show your parents that you're mature and hardworking and that you deserve what you're asking for.
  6. aaah, the voice of reason! LOL!

    I agree though. . . judging by your user name, Amanda is right on.
  7. Damn you, vile woman! You always make too much sense. :wlae:
  8. Anytime my daughter wants something...she figures out which chores I dont like to do -to earn it-and does them for me in return.Works for me!LOL!
  9. sounds like Selena's MO too! LOL!
  10. lol, nothing bothers me more than spoiled, over-indulged high schoolers. people should be rewarded for their actions, not their existance. imo, anyway...
  11. ^ agreed! I have a 16 year old and she MUST earn anything she really wants.
  12. Or wait till you go to college.. they miss you so much that they buy you whatever you want when you come home LOL :lol:
  13. I'm 20 now and for the most part, mom doesn't buy me anything, unless its something she thinks I must have and I can't afford myself, or, she is always willing to loan me out x amount of $ to pay for it now and pay her in installments (works better than a CC, bank of mom doesn't charge interest, not does she care when she recieves the final payment!) :lol: Otherwise, mom only buys stuff for me when we have a big fight and she wants to make amends first lol. We don't argue much, but, when we do, it's huge!
  14. haha! You're awesome, Swanky! I'm going to have to try this tactic with the next boyfriend. You are too clever! :idea:
  15. i agree with this!