Persuade me to purchase an agenda!!

  1. Guys, I need you all to pull together for me here....

    I've been debating about purchasing an agenda since's now March, and I'm still agenda-less!! I just can't bite the bullet!! :sad:

    So far, the cost vs. useage is my main concern. I'd hate to spend money on a piece of LV that turns out to be eye-candy...and just eye-candy!

    I'm definately hooked on the idea of a framboise vernis agenda - either in the mini or the small :heart:

    Can I therefore ask you all to just persuade me by giving me ideas/points that make it not only seem value for money...but also a total investment. I need swaying - and urgently!!

    All comments appreciated!! :flowers:

  2. Well, do you use an agenda? I have used an agenda since I was very young so I would be lost without mine. But, if you don't really use one, and don't think you will, then maybe consider something else.

    I use my agenda not only for calendar, but notes, addresses, lists, etc. and you can even put other inserts in it to personnalize it!
  3. I love, love, LOVE my agenda! You can get filofax inserts to make it more of a wallet, or just fill it with note paper if you're not the callendar type. I thought I would never use it and sort of bought it on a whim (I fell in love with the pink interior) and now I can't live without it! Plus for those of us in the US who now have to carry passports when traveling to Canada or Mexico, a passport fits perfectly in front or back (where I have $20 tucked in). I've attached pics to demonstrate.
    agenda1.JPG agenda2.JPG agenda3.JPG
  4. :idea: I think...and this is just MY OPINION...but, if you aren't dying to have it, then I would say no. OR...maybe get one that isn't so expensive. THEN, if you realize 3, 6 or 12 months down the road that you aren't using it, you won't feel so bad. AND, if you do use it a lot, maybe get the LV on another year or so (cuz you will be sure that the $$ was well worth it!).
  5. I was in the same place last year at this time so I bought a palm pilot.

    Christmas time came, and I suckered myself into buying the last Myrtille agenda in my local LV.

    I don't regret it! I LOVE it, it's so gorgeous. I bought a filofax card holder so now it holds some of my "extra" cards. Look at all of the past posts where a lot of people turn their agendas into wallets. :heart:

    There are so many uses for one!
  6. I love agendas to keep everything organized, plan events and they're great when traveling. I have to have a larger agenda though. I prefer the medium ring, large ring, or desk size just because I think I get more use of it and I can't fit anything into a tiny agenda. Let us know what you deciede and good luck thinking about it!
  7. ITA...if you're able to go on with a cheaper one, then yes, go and get the LV one down the road. Otherwise, it might not be worth the money (I know someone who bought one, but ended up reselling because she doesn't need one).
  8. I use an agenda to stay organized. Sometimes I don't have much going on and sometimes I do, and the agenda really helps.
  9. If you are having doubts, then I personally don't think you should buy it! However if you get the small agenda, not the mini one, you can also use it as a wallet. So you can use it in 2 ways.
  10. If you are having doubts then why not buy a cheap agenda you can get many nice leather reasonably priced ones & go for another LV item instead?
    I have 2 LV agenda Mono & the Pomme (Mono is a GM for desk) I also have the pocket diary, couldn't live without them :smile:
  11. I use my groom every day and love it!
  12. YOU'VE GOT TO GET ONE!! haha hows that?? I got one and didn't think I would use it much, but guess what?? i gets used multiple times a day and I als put my cc's in it and use it as a wallet!!!
  13. Definitely go out there and get your AGENDA! I love love love mine. Plus with all the different inserts that are available you are sure to find a use for it. I fill mine with the LV insert and use the 3- card slots for my ids and credit cards (i have the small agenda). Plus, it looks fantastic inside my bags!
  14. Try an agenda a little less expensive first. My agenda is eye candy. I do keep it with me but I haven't written anything in it all year. I just kinda have it. It looks nice though!!! I don't regret the purchase because I like looking at it...I just wish I used it more!!