'Personalizing' my Lady Dior

  1. Hi, remember I was deliberating to let go of my brown Lady Dior as I find the colour, esp the yellow gold hardware a bit aging?

    Well, I've given it a 'revamp' by adding my own bag charm to it (Idea derived fr my pearl charm LD). It's actually a 'Alice In Wonderland' bracelet by Tom Binns wh I bought some time ago but hardly wear it. Does it look more chic now? :graucho:

  2. More pics- Details of the charm


  3. Is it too much to add a ribbon to it? Which do you prefer, the one with or without the ribbon, or should I just do away with the charm to preserve it's original beauty?


    Feel free to comment!
  4. I think it looks very nice, but I think without the ribbon. the hardware matches the gold dior. very cute!
  5. Oh I love how your personalized your LD!! It looks wonderful!! The bracelet is so charming and delicate... it definitely gives your Dior a whimsical, playful personality. :biggrin: I think a small scarf (like an Hermes twilly) or bracelets of different sizes would work too...

    Comparing the pics, the one with both the bracelet and the bow look a little busy to me.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!! :biggrin:
  6. Nice idea, but personally I'd put a Dior charm on a Dior bag:


    Just because I like my things to match. :smile:
  7. I like the look without the ribbon.
  8. my vote goes 4 it without th ribbon!
  9. Thanks, DT93. Yea, the antique gold does match the Dior's gold HW nicely.
  10. Thanks! newmommy_va, bagchic1, Blo0ondi, for your opinion regarding the ribbon. :smile:
  11. Haha, a true Dior ambassador indeed! I like the charm too, eminere. However the pale gold tone doesn't go as well with the LD gold. I'm hoping that the gold HW will tarnish sooner but 'unfortunately' Dior's product are so well made it's not happening any time soon...
  12. The Alice in Wonderland bracelet and your Lady Dior look like a match made in heaven :biggrin:
  13. Oh thank you averagejoe, I'm just glad that 2 items that have sitting on the shelves are coming together for good use! :p
  14. wow what a great idea ! imho the ribbon adds some kind of a "fake" ( read: Canal St, NY) look to the purse . But the charm matches it perfectly
  15. i think it look very nice !! congrats :biggrin: a bracelet with a big bunch of white pearls + gold hardware will be very nice as well. congrats ! personally think with the ribbon is cuter. without the ribbon is more elegant ~