personalized tylie malibu

  1. i am thinking about getting a chocolate brown TM utility bag with a personalized strap. Does any one have any pictures of their own personalized tylie?? i dont know if i want to get my name on it and i am having a hard time deciding because i cant find any pictures of any personalized straps.
  2. anyone? Did you get it? I want to see pics.
  3. I have two tylies, but both are the apache flower strap... One is the spy utility ad one is the apache--both in dark brown leather. Did you decide?

    The only thing I would caution about your name is making sure that you really intend on keeping the bag for a long time. I think the idea of personalization is really cool; I just fell in love with the apache flower strap. Here's my newest one, which I just got off eBay....I love it!
    tylie_wristlet (Large).JPG