Personalized Thank You notes....

  1. Has anyone else received a personalized thank you card from your SA? I have from 2 different SA's! They are really Sweet and Cute!
  2. I have never...I have a SA that I use at the fair oaks store..she's sweet but I haven't received a thank you note..
  3. PurseFanatic!!!! That's my Store! Zabrina is my SA there :yes: She is a sweetheart:heart:
  4. With my latest order (pre-sale for the PCE) I received a personalized thank you note from the SA that helped me. It was nice and makes me more likely to return to her for help in the future.
  5. Everyone always has complaints about Coach & their SAs, but I have never had a problem w/ them at all...they're fantastic!!
  6. My SA at the Cincy store, Amy, has always written me a note regardless of what the purchase is. That said, the folks over at the Lexington store don't seem to have attended any customer-service training, based on how they ignore me while I'm in there.
  7. I love that! What's as many things as I bought in the Walnut Creek, CA store...I've only gotten one from there.... But I bought a bag in Baltimore when I was on business there...and got one from them. And I bought a bag at King of Prussia right after I moved to PA and I got one from there too!
  8. I got one today from the SA I bought my 25% off stuff with (Palm Beach Gardens, FL). I also got one from the SA that put me on the list when I bought my slim duffle + wallet (Wellington, FL). It's a nice touch!
  9. I got one from my SA in Bridgewater.