Personalized Purses

  1. Hey everyone... my name is Amrit Saini and I'm new to these forums.

    Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, I'd like to tell you about an idea I have.

    I am actually thinking of starting my own handmade label... of course I don't expect to complete with the likes of Gucci and others.

    But I am going to India soon, and I am going to get just one handbag and one wallet made out of the highest quality calf leather, and I will probably do some of the stitching myself... and then I'll try to market it.

    I'm thinking of taking personalized orders, like lets say your name was Lindsey ... and you wanted a handbag... then the handbag could say something like

    For Lindsey
    By Amrit Saini

    Or anything of that sort.

    I know it sounds kind of stupid, but lets not forget that people pay for quality... the precise reason that designer labels are popular today.

    I'll tell you guys how that goes if you care.

    Also, any opinions would be appreciated.

    So tell me if it is a:tup: or a:tdown:.

  2. Sounds interesting! :biggrin:

    What styles are you thinking of producing?
  3. Well I was hoping you guys would tell me something about handbags.

    I know I really want to make a web out of S's

    or Saini's:yahoo: lol

    Do u think that would be kind of cool?
  4. I think you'll need to do your research about just who might want a bag with their name stitched on it. Myself, no.
  5. The web sounds pretty cool. As for a bag with my name, I'm not feeling it. I really don't like my name. A few years ago the single letter bags were popular, but that fad is over. The high quality leather in an interesting shape with nice hardware is what I look for. Good luck.
  6. I see, thanks India and Cherry, but I don't mean like stitched in or painted on like a cheap imitation designer bag ... I mean stamped on like true professional items.

    But I can completely understand where your coming from.

    I'd appreciate any and all ideas.

    Also, I'm no expert... so could someone define the common bag terms for me, like monogram, hobo, tote, and things like that.

    I never know what people are talking about lol

  7. Welcome to our site and Congrats on your handbag-business adventure! It sounds like you have the business/marketing part of the product down, but I think you have to really love and know the product you plan to have made, market and sell.

    This site will help you understand lots about handbags, but what do you carry and why?

    Before you know it, you will be buying lots and lots of handbags if you continue to visit this site. :smile:
  8. I don't think I'll be buying too many handbags... I'm a guy lol. But I also am going to have a wallet made.

    I want it to be made out of leather but I do not know which kind. But I do know that I want the name SAINI either stamped on the bottom right hand corner... or I want a 22 and 1/2K white gold or gold S on the bottom right corner.

    And yes it is possible to get 22 and 1/2, but only in countries like India where the gold is still mined. 24K would be to soft, whereas anything below twenty is considered impure by my family and I.

    I do not carry anything anything at the moment... that is why I joined the forum.

    To find out what the people like, I know they like quality... but like I said before... I am not familiar with the terms. I hope that someone can explain them to me on these forums.

    I am also looking for help in designing the handbags...
    and the "S" or "Saini" web.

    Also, does anybody know what the most popular style of handbags is right now?

  9. hey am from india too, where in india are u based. I think large leather bags are the in thing so maybe consider making soft large bucket leather bags
  10. I'm not too crazy about having my name on the bag either. To me, the BEST quality leather and stiching is the most important thing.

    But good luck with your idea!
  11. Hey Stock... I'm originally from Punjab, India.

    I mean I live in America, even went to school here, so I'm
    technically American lol.

    The highest quality leather is calf leather correct?

    Also, could someone still give me the definitions for the terms lol?
  12. Amrit, you have a lot of learning to do ... here's a few links:

    Zappos (the third link) has the terms you are looking for.

    Remember: The Internet is your friend and can teach you many things. I used Google to find many web sites with what you are looking for; the above is a small representation.

    Good luck in your Knowledge Quest.
  13. A Punjabi handbag designer! Wow...and I used to think that I wanted to be the first Punjabi to have a line of high end bags!

    Good luck with your project...but you have a lot of learning to do before you jump into anything. Research everything before. =)
  14. Thanks India Ink.

    Bags, you wanna help me design my first one or my web? lol Also, where were you born in Punjab?

    I need help starting off, but once I get the hang of things it shouldn't be too hard.

    Also, they will all be hand-made of the highest quality leather. And I want to place real gold and white gold on the bags.

    Would that be nice?

  15. I wouldn't say calf (or any species in fact) is the highest quality - it depends on a lot of other factors, like tanning, dyeing, different finishes and so on. Certainly there are some very upmarket, "exotic" leathers (reptiles, amphybians, certain birds etc.), but make sure they come from an ethical 'farmed-for-food' source before you set out using them. If you haven't studied leathercrafts yet, you'll need a lot of skills to pick up - often they are passed down on several generations down the line; it can take a lifetime just to be able to make the perfect handle.

    This is a very good link, not only for leathers and tools, but for glossaries / manuals / books etc. :
    (-you'll find there some lovely shagreens, bullfrog- & snakeskins too!)

    Good luck with your venture!!!:tup: