Personalized/ Mon Monogram Club

  1. For all you guys and gals who have personalized items from the Mon Monogram collection, this club is for ya! Let me start off with my humble lil' Speedy.
    mon mongram speedy 6.jpg
  2. I love it. Is that the only placement for the stripes?
  3. Hi! I'd like to have my 1 yr old speedy 30 painted as well. How much does it cost usually? I'd like to put in 3 initials and a red and white stripe. Also, I called the 5th Ave NY store and they said they only offer this for hard luggages????
  4. ^^^^ i visited the 5th ave store yesterday and I saw a speedy on display with the stripes and initials
  5. If I remember correctly, you can only get the Mon Monogram on a new speedy, because it is not painted on the canvas (it's set on it when the canvas is made and then they cut your bag). So you have to buy a new speedy.
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  6. I want to be in too!!!
  7. Correct!!!! I saw it while I was visiting the 5th Ave. store and loved it! I think the price is around $940 USD but I don't quite remember the exact price. However, the Mon Monogram is only available in a Speedy 30 size. I think it takes up to 12 weeks to arrive once you order it. You can also do a diagonal stripe on the edge of the bag that wraps around the bag.

    The striping is set onto the canvas and will not chip or fade - according to the SA. It's definitely not painted onto the canvas.

    It looks great!!
  8. the actual price is US $935 + tax for the speedy 30. and they offer the service for speedy 30 and keepall.
  9. I can't wait to get a mon monogram.... can customers call in orders if they know what colors they want, or does it have to be in-store?
  10. This is supposedly for my sister and now I am loving it....


  11. That is so beautiful and I LoVe it with that Groom Bandeau...Hey, I thought you weren't getting yours until August? When did it come in? (My Original arrival date is around the middle of August)
  12. Actually I am really surprised too! I made this on the 06/06/08 and I got it on 26/06/08. This is less than a month!

    I am making another with a red groom bandeau and they be a pair of sisters' bag!!! Except that I am using "68" as initial.

    I think you should be getting yours early July! ;)
  13. hmmm... time to go online and pick my colors! im going to the store manana!
  14. Here is my wife's new personalized mono speedy. She will have modeling pics later.
  15. oh this is a great thread! i am loving these bags. I think I want one too...

    what options do you have for the personalizing? how many letters can u do?
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