Personalized LV luggage tags

  1. I want an LV luggage tag and I want to have it personalized with my initials. I saw a picture of someoe carrying a LV speedy with the luggage tag and I really liked it.
    However, I can't find them on the LV website or eluxury.
    Any ideas?
  2. I don't know if you can purchase the tags separately -- I would think you can.
    We just got a Keepall 50 and they offered to personalize for us. We now have a monogrammed vachetta luggage tag. It was a complimentary service and took two weeks.
    Hope this helps.
  3. yheau can buy the luggage tag seperately..:tup:
  4. The luggage tags can be purchased separately at any Louis Vuitton Boutique. The small Vachetta tag will cost you $39.00 USD, the large tag $42.00 USD.

    The heat stamping service is complimentary for all customers, many boutiques do it while you wait. There are a variety of stamping colors to choose from - Here are 2 of my luggage tags for example.

    Blue Tobago Tag; White Initials


    Brown Glace Tag; Silver Initials

  6. ok i have a couple lv bags, and im not sure i have the receipts as some were gifts. Do i have to take a receipt or does the purchase have to be in the comp for them to do the hot stamping for me?
  7. check out the photos in this LV Clubhouse:

    no. just take them to the boutique and they'll still do it for free :yes: the only stipulation is that they should be 100% authentic, unaltered and fairly good condition.
  8. You don't need a reciept, as long as the bags/luggage tags are authentic then they will do it.
  9. I got the Damier Eole 50 10 days ago and dropped off the luggage tag for heat stamping in gold. Should get it back in a couple of days.
  10. This is actually the Carry-All :graucho:

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    im definitely stopping by then!!!!!!
    thanks so much guys!!:flowers: :jammin::okay:
  12. Scott.cs is absolutely right! But be aware that sometimes the SA's don't know the proper price for the tag and may over charge you. It's varied by store with me. I bought a speedy 40, and a luggage tag to go with it, and the luggage tag was $25, But I've also been charged upwards of $50(for the larger one). Also, some stores don't always have them on hand because they are technically a SO piece. So if they tell you they don't have one in back, they probably don't since they are given a certain amount(to complete a luggage piece). And the heat-stamping is free. They have quite a few fonts and colors to choose from. It can take up to two weeks, but I've gotten mine back in a matter of days, so I guess it just depends on the store.

    Hope that helps!
  13. hmm... mine only took 10 minutes
  14. Well, the larger luggage tags were priced at $45.00 as of a few months ago - They lowered the price by $3.00, I'm not sure why. They stock both sizes of the vachetta tags in most stores, but all of the other tags need to be ordered, unless they happen to have a few left over - When they need to order one, they usually order several extra. I have never waited more than a day for my heat stamping to be completed (usually 10 minutes or so), granted my store does it on site - They are also the ones that do it for a large portion of the other boutiques on the West coast.
  15. Is ita Glace bag that you have? did the tag came with the bag? I love it!