Personalize your bag..YES? NO?

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  1. Would you personalize your bag with your initials?

    The only bag i personalized was my Damier LV 30 speedy. I like personalizing my bags though not every bag will look nice with your initials on. By having your initials on every single bag you own, people would think your a narcissist! haha

    so What do you think?
  2. How did you personalize the Damier Speedy? I want to know because Im thinking aout mon monogram for the Speedy, but they only do it for monogram, not damier...Please advise?
  3. It depends on the bag, but I like it on LV and Goyard.

    My boyfriend bought me a custom Longchamp Pliage with my initials embroidered on it, and I love It!

    Luckily I share my initials with a designer, so I can have a bag covered in them without looking like a narcissist
  4. I like it, but you need to be sure it is a keeper though
  5. i love monograming, would have it done to my bags, but you have to go to a store for that and we don't have one close
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    I'd much rather personalize my bag with a phrase or a small graphic than my name/initials. I wonder how I can do that apart from drawing them myself with an ink pen of course, lol.
  7. I would love to see pics to see how it's done, please share.
  8. I had my name engraved inside a bag (Ignes Bespoke) and at the time I thought it was a great idea because I loved the bag. Then when I moved on to bigger bags and this one got cast aside I knew I couldn't sell it. I ended up giving it to my daughter. If I had to do it all over again I would not have had it engraved.

  9. It's not my thing, but I would love to see how your personalized your damier speedy since LV does not offer it for damier.
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    MOWCAM: The day i bought it, the sales women at LV told me about the personalizing service they offered, which has been newly introduced in Dubai. I bought the bag a year ago. how come they don't personalize Damier speedy? :confused1:
    My initials are not drawn on the whole bag, they are just on the end leather part of the handle. will post a pic :smile:

    Tentation: yes i agree. LV and Goyard look good with your initials on. Though my LV doesn't have my initials on the whole bag. My initials are placed on the end leather part of the handle. :smile:

    Roxana: Exactly :smile:

    Designer_Love:oh i see. i did mine in the store itself. once i bought the bag i was told about the service and so i decided to have my initials on. :smile:

    NagaJolokia:LOL why dont you try taking it to a store that sells leather goods. They might help you with that :smile:

    tcepero: will do :smile:

    LindaP: yeah that's when personalizing gets in your way. I only personalized my LV because its a classic bag that i wont think of selling. :smile:

    fashion_mom1: will post a pic :smile:
  11. This is it. You probably thought i have the colored stripes and initials on the bag lol

    Gold initials in the end part of the leather handle. I love it and i got a lot of compliments :biggrin:

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  12. ^^^ OP that looks great.

    I would put my initials on a bag, why not?

    I'd rather have my own name/initials on things than a designer's.
  13. Many many years ago when "Abercrombie" was named "Abercrombie and Fitch", it was visited by T. Roosevelt and many other dignataries would shop there. To make a long story short, they had a safari line. At that time I purchased a satchel and had my name engraved on it. If I can I will download a pic. (Yeah, right! - I am so spaz!) So I give two thumbs up!
  14. I like the personalization LV offers. I'm not sure if I'd ever go for the colored stripes on my bag, but I like the idea of having my initials somewhere. I think OP's bag looks great with her initials on the handle!

  15. Yes, but I've personalized my LV pieces with hot stamped luggage tags that bear my initials. That way I can remove the personalization if I want to...
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