1. how long does it take to get a personalization on small leather goods?
  2. Personalization... as in heat stamping initials right?

    If your boutique has a heat stamping boutique, it should take as little as an hour or a day, depending on how many other SLG's they have to heat stamp.

    If your boutique doesn't have a heat stamping machine, it can take up to two weeks, depending on how many other SLG's they have to heat stamp.
  3. My shop has a machine but it'll take 5 - 7 days because they're so busy! I just inquired yesterday for my daughter as she wants to get her speedy heatstamped.
  4. im going to get my red epi pocket agenda dun... i live in sydney, and theres not that much people/demand compared to major cities in the states, so im assuming it will be quick. HOPEFULLY
  5. Depends where you leave it. You would think a larger store would get it done faster. I left a tag at the flagship store in NYC 5th avenue. It took 4 weeks !!!!!!!
  6. Heat stamping actually takes ten minutes to do, five only for the machine to get warm.
    So, if I want something heat stamped and the boutique is not busy, which it rarely is, I can sit down have a drink and a chat with one of the s.a. whilst the s.a. in charge of that service heat stamps the item.
  7. oh thxs! i dont think theres much demand on heatstamping in the sydney store
  8. The stores in New Jersey do not have a heatstamping machine, so they have to send it out. Mine took 4 weeks
  9. I am looking at a Damier Azur Speedy 30. Is there anywhere on that bag to have a heat stamp placed? I see from the other thread that they are not offering the painted stripes/initials on the Damier Azur.

  10. i woulnt mind going ot yr LV boutique... quite a service..:tup:
  11. i think it varies. my store took about 4 days to get my tag stamped and delivered to me.

    however the paris flagship store took a couple of hours to get it delivered to the hotel!:yes:
  12. The LV stores in my area insist on 7 days even though they have a heat stamping machine and they are not busy. They keep saying "store policy" regardless of how many times I ask and beg!! I'm so fed up because I want to have my things heatstamped but can't afford to wait 7 days for it!! :crybaby:
  13. mine took 2 months.

    which kind of made me mad. and then the letters were not straight.

    but it should not take that long.
  14. 2 months??? wow srry to hear about that! ouch
  15. how much does it cost?