Personalization St. Louis Tote - BG in Beverly Hills

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  1. Hi Goyard loving ladies!

    I want to get a Goyard St. Louis with personalization. Can I get that if I go into the BG here in Beverly Hills and order that or do I have to go to/call SF? Also what's the average turnaround for personalization?

    I live in Newport Beach, CA so BG Bev Hills is closest for me.
  2. Yes BG will personalize. Turn around 2-4 weeks depending how busy they are.

  3. Think you may be thinking of Barney's...BG stands for Bergdorf Goodman. They are only located in NYC.
  4. Of course! Barney's New York. Sorry about that. Yea no BG here in LA we have Neiman Marcus. DUH!

    So can I order a personalization at Barney's then? LOL!
  5. Same rules for both stores.
  6. Thanks!