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  1. After waiting 6 weeks for my St. Louis PM bag, it was finally ready today. My husband went to pick it up and they messed up the monogram!!!! Instead of a “C” they had a “G”. They seriously asked my husband if he was joking!!!! He said her name is right there on the order form.

    They promised to fix it and expedite it within a week.

    So what can I expect? Can it be fixed without an issue? I never used the bag it was purchased then sent to personalizing.

    I don’t feel comfortable knowing the manager said this never happens. This was the NYC Store.

  2. Sounds like your SA's handwriting was bad. They probably can fix it, I wouldn't worry too much.
  3. It wasn’t. She clearly wrote my initials and I initialed it to verify it was correct.

    I’m hoping mistakes DO happen and they know how to fix it without damaging the bag.
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  4. Well, I'm sure they know what products they can use on their canvas. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's annoying to wait but in the end you'll have your bag. If it is unacceptable I would hope they would damage it out.
  5. Thanks, I hope so!!
  6. Give us an update when you have one, I’d like to know for myself for curiosity’s sake.
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  7. They can do it they can fix it
    Don't worry
    Gonna be fine for your new bag
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  8. Ahhh that’s awful! I’m so sorry. Didn’t they send you an “order” email beforehand stating what initials and what color you wanted? I’m just asking because the Goyard at Neimans Chicago sent me an order form to approve and then charged me and sent out my luggage tag. If the order was done digitally and not hand written this definitely should not have happened! I’m sure it’ll get resolved but what a mess.... ‍♀️
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