Personalization Dilemma! Help!!

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  1. Hello all! Please pardon my long story and bare with me!! TYIA :smile:

    I just ordered a black on black St. Louis PM from BG, being shipped to me. I live in SoCal, and so I was going to bring it up to Goyard @ NM BH to get it monogrammed/striped this Friday. I decided on my colors and how they're organized, however, I'm in SUCH a dilemma with part of the striping and initials. :confused1: Which is why I obviously had to turn to you lovelies for opinions and expertise!!

    So what I originally was thinking was *see pics* to have the stripes vertical (with similar relative thicknesses), but one solid line down, meaning no initials in middle, and then with the initials (how they look) in bottom right corner (in small size I think). *Note: the only reason the diagonal stripe pics are on there is to see how the full line looks, and with the letters on the side of it.*

    However, I showed my friend (who's not that familiar with Goyard, but loves luxe stuff) my idea for the personalization. That's where I went crazy again...:cray: She said that it'll be ugly if it's just a straight line down the middle :lol: and that she feels the lines open and with initials somewhere along it (like the standard norm and what most people do) makes it more edgy, it's more signature look/what it's known for, and it's what she thinks about right away with the personalization.

    So now idk whether to do the classic initials in between the stripes, or do it the way I originally wanted.
    I've attached some photos I found online and through the forum, **I don't take responsibility or ownership for any of the photos posted, besides my own monogram screenshots** They show how the blue and black stripes look on the black canvas

    But please help!! All opinions are welcomed and I would greatly appreciate them!! :hbeat:

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  2. Here's some more pics I found when researching, showing examples of full stripes down, initials on side, etc.
    *I don't take any responsibility or ownership of any of the photos*

    I do, though, think that color combination and thicknesses of everything has a large impact on how it looks. Oh, and my inspiration for the black middle/contrast sides and black on top/contrast bottom of initial was Kris Jenner's lovely trolley (which I've attached a photo of below). :cool: So that was sort of the vibe I was going for...simple, chic, minimalistic, blending and flowing.

    Thanks again everyone and I appreciate it!!

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  3. I think you should follow your heart and go with the one you preferred initially. Although the middle initials may be more common, I don't think that should be the reason for you to go with that option.

    Do YOU like the vertical stripe down with the initials in the corner? I think it's a perfectly fine option to go for if that's what you want.

    Personally, I'm a fan of the diagonal stripe with initials in the corner, which is what I did with my bag, but that's just me.
  4. Thank you for your reply!

    I do like it, my hesitation though is that I'm not 100% sure how it would look and if it'll look as good as I think it will in my head, cause there aren't many full stripe down St. Louis bags out there on Internet :/

    I don't per say have a problem with the initials in the middle of the stripe, either though. Which is also why I'm stuck :sad:
  5. I think the straight line with the initials on the side looks a little strange, like the initials were an afterthought. How about a diagonal line with the initials below it, like the bottom photo in your first post?
  6. Agreed! Then you don't have to break up the stripe, but it's a nice sleek design and I think it looks more cohesive.
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