Personalization - Cautionary Tale!

Jan 29, 2008
In June 2016 I purchased my first Goyard piece - St. Louis GM tote. In August 2016, I took it to Goyard to get personalization, which was completed by September. In November I noticed a tiny area on one corner starting to peel. Because it was so tiny, I chose to let it go. In February I noticed yet a few more areas of peeling and decided to reach out to Goyard. It was not until I took these photos last night to send to Goyard that I realized just how bad it really was. I had no clue there was also chipping in areas.

While I was aware that in time the personalization would ultimately peel and/or chip, never did I think this would start to happen within a few months of application. My beautiful bag ruined.

At this point I have no clue where this will go. The SA I spoke with said that this is by no means the norm, which gave me some level of comfort. How they will handle this is anyone's guess. I presume they will probably try to remove and re-paint or they may call it a wash and offer me a replacement bag.

Whatever happens, my advice to anyone considering personalization is to really, really think twice. While I love, love, love the look of the personalization at the end of the day it truly is not worth having to fret about. If I am offered another bag, I will apply the Anya Hindmarch letters instead.

Here's hoping this has a happy ending!



May 20, 2010
That is just awful. I really hope they come through for you and offer a replacement bag.
Jan 29, 2008
So far ladies Goyard has been very accommodating. They are in possession of my bag and have since sent it back to the Artisans in San Francisco. I requested that the stripes be removed (if possible), leaving only my initials, since the stripes pose the greatest risk of cracking/peeling/chipping with age. I was assured that if there poses no risk to the canvas upon attempt to remove the stripes, that such would be done. Essentially, whatever they have to do to restore my bag back to its original condition, I am fine with. I also put it out there that should the bag not be restored to my satisfaction and a replacement bag is warranted, that I would like to have the Artois. I was shocked to find that the Artois is the same price as the St. Louis. For the most part my experience with Goyard has been good thus far.
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Aug 12, 2008
Area Code 905, Canada
Oh dear - sorry to see this happening to your otherwise beautiful personalization. I too had my tote personalized in August 2016 from the SFO artisans and have been using my bag daily since - I have never really inspected the painting recently and I just did and so far so good for me - do not see any peeling or chipping thus far...keeping my fingers crossed that it stays like that.


May 10, 2014
I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope Goyard offers you a solution soon. However, can I say that color combination is gorgeous?
I hope Goyard offers a replacement
Jan 29, 2008
So far I have heard nothing from Goyard. I recently sent an inquiry email and called and left a message at the boutique located within Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. I am beginning to wonder if Goyard was unable to repair and repaint the personalization. I understand from a friend that if a replacement is warranted that it can take a few months, which I find a bit unsettling given I paid good money for this bag and the personalization. So with that said I shall call again today to inquire. At this juncture I am so completely over owing a Goyard. The thrill is officially gone.