Personalised stationery

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  1. hi guys, was wondering where i could get cute stationery online like with names and letters, or stickers... oh and cute little inserts for an agenda?

  2. I'm a BIG stationery person. Here are the companies I have bought from: (I have the Paper Lantern flat note cards) (I have the circular dreams in purple, a custom job for me:smile:) (I have the grass flower purple) (I got custom Exotic Floral invitations made)

    I'm a fan of Independent businesses which all of the links above are!:yes:

    Are you looking for a pad for your agenda? I think these are nice: I have one with my accordion agenda (very use for for putting your receipts in).
  3. I love Smythson... you can order online, too :yes:
  4. this stationary is beautiful and proceeds go to support research for ovarian cancer. i have given sets of this stationary as gifts and ppl really love it. the website is:

    the artwork on the notecards is from original watercolors by the founder of the company. she, sadly, lost her battle with ovarian cancer, but her company continues to raise research funds by selling the notecards.
  5. there's a seller on ebay i adore who does personalized stationary. her ebay id is sopranostar and her store is called a touch of whimsey designs. she has her own website now too. she is the best. i get everything from her- my business cards and stickers for ebay, invitations, gifts. love her!
  6. I like using my personalized embossers on cool papers.

    An embosser makes a very cool raised image. I have several.

    I forget where I got mine but this site has nice ones:

    Never get a handheld embosser. Always get a desktop one. You have to squeeze the embosser really hard. The handheld ones make my hand hurt after a squeeze or two.
  7. Great links given already, here's one from Etsy (BabyBoo, you're not surprised, I am sure :smile:)


    She did this design before, not sure if she'll offer it again:

    "Shopping girl"


    Yoga chick

    "***I can also change hair style & color to match your look. What fun!"


    "Knitter Rocks" - so cute!


    "Sewing gal"

  8. Can't resist posting this although it's not personalized:


    little black dress card - blank greeting card


    "Description: Send a greeting as chic as you are (or at least try to be). This unique card opens like a wardrobe with a blank area inside for your personal message. The wardrobe has little silver brads that mimic real little knobs! Hanging off one of the knobs is a little handbag accented with silver string and silver pen for the clasp - SNAZZY! Of course, there is the ever classic little black dress hanging oh-so-casually on the hanger.
    The drawer is mounted on foam squares for realistic dimension!
    This card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and comes with an envelope, all placed securely in a resealable cellophane sleeve. Buy a bunch and box them for a unique, very elegant gift anybody would love!
    Wnat this dress in a different colour? No problem! Just email me and I will magically make that happen.
    I've also shown some examples of baby cards I've made using the same wardrobe theme ('cause I love it so much!). These are also available for $2.00 each!"
  9. Wow. Such great stationary places. I just spent an hour looking at designhergals. How cool!

    I usually make my own stationary as well. I pick up a lot of stamps and such from and I love scrapbooking!
  10. Oh my god guys thanks!! ill definalty look through all these later this afternoon! they are great!! thank you thank you thank you!
  11. Passerby - when i posted this thread i knew you would come !! teehee i love it!!! makes it feel like home!!

    will check those out too as they are sooo cute