Personalised Handbag Advice

  1. Q1: Would you buy it?
    Q2: Would you wear it?

    A friend of mine recently bought a personalised handbag off eBay where the photo is completely stitched into the handbag. It looked quite good, and I have been thinking of getting one for mum for her birthday for some time now. I am not 100% convinced as yet though - some lingering Kath & Kym anxiety...

    I was hoping others would share their thoughts on the concept & any news from those that have seen or own these bags appreciated.
  2. This is the bag I am thinking of getting for my mum.
    I also think this clutch is cute (4 me).

    Comment Please...

  3. Anya Hindmarch in the UK does this too - it's not for me, but has been popular. I think it is a very personal (sorry!) decision whether you want to carry a bag with your children, friends, house, whatever on it and I suppose I'd want to be extra sure your mother would love it before committing.
  4. Thanks Miss Sooky - sound advice.
  5. Agree with Miss Sooky. However, if you love the idea of having a clutch personalized with a photo, go for it!
  6. I like your approach passerby. I will take the plunge & get a clutch for myself first. I think the photo makes the bag - so hopefully I have the right one - else this urge will turn into a splurge with a photo shoot!