Personal Training dilemma!!! help!

  1. I work out about 5 days a week, but i've been having a problem working out during the week... i do 3 different exercises for each body part and my workouts have been sooo incomplete because there are tooo many people at the gym.. so I am thinking about enrolling in personal training sessions two times a week to get me through my workout during the week. In addition to the personal training, i would do two total body strength classes during the weekend. Problem is that my BF is a personal trainer.. a really great one, but we don't work out at the same gym. He offered to train me for free. I would prefer that he work me out during the week, because that's when it's hard for me to work out at the gym (it's sooo packed until 10 pm). He can only work me out on Saturday and Sunday. I don't want that because I have my set workouts those days AND, if i wanted to weight train, all the machines are available because not that many people work out on the weekends.. The specific total body conditioning class only happens on saturday, sunday, and monday. So now he's very upset that i don't want him to train me, but it's not about that... .it's about what my needs are.

    Here's my workout right now:

    Sunday: Total body conditioning 1 hour
    Step class 1 hour

    Monday: If i missed the total body class on sat AM, then: Total body conditioning 1 hour elliptical: 20 mins
    OR Spin.

    Tuesday: Run 4 miles OR step class

    Wednesday: Spin class 45 minutes
    Weights: legs/shoulder/back

    Thursday: Rest or run

    Friday: Cardio 30 mins
    Weights: biceps/triceps/chest

    Now, if I got a trainer, my training sessions would be on Wednesday and Thursday pm.

    So, do you think I should get a personal trainer or have my BF has a personal trainer... if he is my personal trainer... i can't take the conditioning class and I'll feel i'll be in the same slump.... or is it worth reorganizing my whole workout for free personal training sessions? I really feel if he trains me on the weekends, it defeats the purpose of why i wanted a personal trainer in the first place: to get me through my weight workouts during the week.

    Any advice would be sooo helpful.. I'm really thinking that i might have to get a trainer behind his back.. ???
  2. I recently got my own personal trainer I think you have to get someone that suits your schedule best I am able to work out 3 evenings
  3. Thanks Barbie!

    So that's not insulting to my BF that i'm not using him as my trainer, right??
  4. It may not work having your boyfriend as a trainer anyway, this doesn't mean that he doesn't have the ability to train you but you two have a different relationship can you accept when he pushes & challenges you will he be able to challenge you as much as his other clients or my he be a bit soft on you.

    But you need to explain that you using another trainer has nothing to do with you not believing in him, tell him he just doesn't fit your schedule but maybe the two of you can come to a compramise , don't get a trainer behind his back when he finds out (& he will) he'll be hurt and betrayed
  5. Thanks Label, we were speaking about it last night and I kept stressing to him that I need a trainer for DURING the week so i can optimize my workouts... he doesn't get it.... he just feels i should just be able to train w/ him on the weekends and that's all i need!!! :sad:

    Plus, his gym is sooo far and inconvenient too.
  6. You need to do what would work best for you. Have you thought about maybe spreding the training days out. Like maybe tue and thur with a personal trainer unstead of 2 days in a row so that you have time to recover between workouts. I am a trainer (unofficaly for now, sorta) and I can hardly workout with my bf much less stand to train him.
  7. Girl..... you definitely need to not have your BF be your personal trainer too. Tell him to relax, those things should definitely be kept separate. Otherwise, I'm betting there will be times when you have agreed on a session, he/you is tired/lazy, doesn't want to do it that day, the other person gets mad = fight. LOL. Thats my logic on that anyway.