Personal Trainers?

  1. What do you look for in a personal trainer? Did you have a 'type' in mind when you started?

    Lets say all credentials the same. Would you want someone of same or sex? Body builder type or just someone in shape? Someone to try to be a friend or just a trainer? Tough in their motivation or friendly? Do you pick someone like you or someone the opposite of you and if you have one how has it worked out?

    Really interested in everyones replys as I'm not completely sure what I want yet. :yes:
  2. 1) Ask the staff or manager to see who is good at what, and choose one based on my goal.

    2) I'd choose the opposite sex(i'd be embarrassed if I slack off in front of him)....I don't want to get friendly with my trainer. I want my trainer to be my drill sergent.

    No pain no gain.
  3. I have a trainer (he's my second) and he's worked out perfectly! I knew that I wanted a male trainer because, like BTBF like, I would probably slack more in front of a female one. However, I also knew that I would hate to have the drill sergeant type- I'd feel more inclined to throw something if my trainer was insensitive to my needs. Mine is pretty strict in his workouts but listens A LOT. He really works at keeping the workouts different and interesting so I won't get bored. I don't think he's the body builder type- and I'm glad, cuz if I had one I think I would feel more intimidated than anything.

    If you have any more questions, please ask! hehe I'm not sure exactly how much you wanted to hear.. so I'll just stop here. :P
  4. I've had 3 trainers... and I would prefer a woman because a woman can understand a woman's body more than a man. Especially if the woman is in tip top shape. My 2nd trainer was a woman... she was the bomb... 46 yrs old had an 8 pack... taught me how to eat right and pushed me to the limit. My first trainer trains actual athletes only, his workout was grueling too.. but he just gave me a routine every 3 months. My more recent trainer i got at the gym and he was alright.. i felt like he could've worked me out better.

    I look at their body because they have to represent what they can offer. But what is most important is the trainer-client chemistry and plus I feel that the trainer has to have a vision for you... he/she has to see how your body can look like at it's potential while keeping your goals in mind. My 2nd trainer told me that one of her clients had no curves so what she did was create the illusion of a curves by strengthening her upper body... particularly the shoulders and back. :idea: I originally thought that i would only train w/ someone of the opposite sex... but the 2nd trainer i had, the woman, she actually was my spin teacher and told me one day after class that if I trained w/ her, I could get the body of my dreams... and she did... I still use her nutritional plan til this very day.

    I think you should hang out at the regular cardio, etc and check out the trainers.. see how they are with their clients (routine wise) and then talk to the mgr and make your decision from there.

    Keep us posted and good luck.. Another suggestion is that it's better to train w/ a trainer at least twice a week rather than once..

    Having a trainer is the best!!!
  5. I look someone that I will like, so definitely humor and seriousness is a must have
  6. Would you want someone of same or sex?
    YES - Guy trainers tend to push you more to get that body you always wanted.

    Body builder type or just someone in shape?
    In between. I get scared of those body builders.

    Someone to try to be a friend or just a trainer?
    He's got to be a trainer first and then a friend.

    First a Tough in their motivation or friendly?
    I want my trainer to be tough, you get results immediately.

    Do you pick someone like you or someone the opposite of you and if you have one how has it worked out?
    I wasn't the one who picked my trainer, but I had preferences at the beginning, so my gym paired me with someone I liked. I'm pretty much a fun loving person, and my trainer was there to make me laugh and entertain me when I was trying to do my 200-300 ab work-outs a session.

    So there, hope this helps! :smile:
  7. I prefer women trainers for the same reason I prefer woman OBs, they just know more about the female body/muscles and results IMO.
  8. My trainer is really outdoorsy and kinda earththy/crunchy- basically the total opposite of me. We chat a lot and I know a ton about him, from his wife's social phobia to his online petstore business. I find him fascinating because he grew up with a great deal of money but chose his passion over a job that would've paid a lot. The one thing I love the most, however, is that he's not totally ripped and intimidating- I can actually see myself acheiving his level of fitness. The one thing where we differ is why we work out- he for health, myself purely for physical appearance. :shame:
  9. The best trainer I ever had was a man. Having said that, I only work with women now. He was so professional, so full of knowledge that I never thought he was being untoward, but I DID feel uncomfortable, especially during the end stretch session. Like, the only man who should be between my legs with my leg over his shoulder is my husband!! Fully clothed or not!

    Beyond gender, I have to have a trainer who is fit. I gave a chubby trainer a chance, thinking it's wrong to think she has to be thin. Big mistake. First of all, it's more motivating to see your ideal next to you. Second, I would get pissed when the heavy trainer would get tough on me, kinda thinking "well, YOU don't do this, evidently, why should I?" ONLY in my head, of course, but still. I think a trainer should practice what she preaches, and if she can't get/keep herself fit, how's she gonna do it for me?

    Also, check their training credentials, their certification, their CPR card should be up to date, if they're not in a gym they should have insurance, and get references!
  10. My boyfriend is a personal trainer. He has noticed that a lot of people dont really want to work out in a gym (they are self concious) so he is starting this online business where he will go to the home with free weights, stability balls, medicince balls, work out bar, and a bunch of other stuff. Basically his goal is to take the gym to the clients home to make it convient for them.
  11. What is the average cost of personal trainer services? I'm still a student on a budget, but i know i need someone to motivate me and to make me feel like i can achieve my goal.