Personal trainers in Michigan

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  1. Well, I need a great personal trainer, someone who will whip me into shape:tup:

    So, I'm hoping any fellow MI Pf'ers out there can give me some great recommendations!

    I live in the Metro Detroit area (Troy/B'ham/Royal Oak) so I would like the trainer to be in the Oakland County area.

    Thank you!!!
  2. I know it's not in the best area, but the Bally's in Southfield (8mile and lasher I think?) has some awesome trainers. A lot of them will come to your home or meet with you at parks etc. to work out as well. The facility is beautiful and clean. I worked with a wonderful trainer there 4 years ago but unfortunately since then he has moved on to another city.
  3. I agree, good trainers are hard to find. I've been a member of the Art of Strength in West Bloomfield, and honestly they have the best personal trainers in Michigan