Personal tragedy.... I cant get this bag ANYWHERE

  1. I've been dreaming about this bag for so long, and now its not available anywhere :sad: I just spoke to cust service and they told me its sold out everywhere :crybaby: Its the end of the world for me..........................
    I really want a red bag, but at the moment, there is absolutely nothing available in signature red available on
  2. well, it will probably eventually show up on eBay! just keep your eyes open!!

    good luck!!
  3. I was looking for the excat same purse for a gift. I read somewhere on here that it was not a big seller, so maybe they will be heading to the outlets soon. Have you checked eBay?
  4. I saw that exact bag last weekend at the San Marcos outlet. It will probably be hitting other outlets soon.
  5. That is the same bag that I decided I had to have only to find out that they have been sold out for awhile. Oh well, I keep checking on eBay, but haven't seen it yet. Good luck.
  6. Call Reading Outlet ASAP tomorrow AM. I am sure they had it. I passed on it. Where do you live?
  7. My store had ONE of the tote, I don't know if it's there anymore though :/ If it is, would you want it?
  8. I seen a post with one and they said they got it at an outlet. So you should check out the outlets.
  9. LOVELY bag! i will keep my eye out when i go to the outlet next!
  10. You guys are sooooooooooooooooooo lucky to have outlets in the US. I actually live in Sydney, Australi and in the whole of Sydney we only have ONE full price store with very limited stock! I am only able to order things from to be shipped to Australia, but this bag is sold out! My heart is broken as it is simply gorgeous :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. If I knew Thur AM I would have picked one up for you. The Outlet is too far to just run in to get one thing though... esp with the price of gas.
  12. I'm so sorry, we all know how it feel when you miss a bag you really want. I'll keep a close eye out for you at my outlet. It may be coming soon b/c i got this one Thurs. night at the outlet. If i see it maybe we can work out something!
  13. yay they are in the outlets!! How much were they selling for?
  14. I don't remember, I picked it up and then made myself put it back b/c I'm waiting for the PCE event :push: .
  15. Well, I called the Reading Outlet this morning and all they had was one tote, but in the Doe color. The SA said that they have the Crimson color in the duffle bag and swingpack and some accessories. She did say that it hasn't been at the outlets very long. And the price was $287.20 plus tax. I am going to call the San Marcos Outlet next. I would really love to find this bag!