Personal Stylists?

  1. Hi,

    Just curious, but has anyone ever used a personal stylist? Did you pay for the service? How much was it? How did it work? Did you enjoy the experience? Did you like the end result? Did it change your dressing habits?

    If you haven't ever used one, why not? is it something you think you would like to use?

    I'm really into clothes, I study Vogue & months in advance I always have the key items I need for the in coming seasons planned out. I do this for all my friends too, I'm always sending them pictures of clothes or accessories that would be perfect with them. I always get asked to take them out shopping & help them pick good outfits. Lots of people seek my advice before buying anything & several people have suggested that I should beceom a personal stylist.

    so I'm just really curious about everyone on here's opinion on stylists.
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. ok here are my 5 fils worth.
    if you do not have style pay someone who has.
    i will never use a person to tell me what looks good on me i know that by myself and the results of personal stylists i have seen to date look either totally mainstream or fashion victimish. there maybe better ones out there but what i came across scared me
  3. thanks lilach! You of course, don't need to use a stylist! you always look fabulous & I'd kill for your legs! (not to mention your bag collection!:biggrin:)

    I've never used one but I thought people on here might have some experience.
  4. oh my gosh what a nice compliment thank you :blush:

    oh and do not get me wrong i am all for stylist. as long as the result does not look like you use one! means that the result is still you but more refined etc. not costumey or up to date trendy. etc.
    i am sure there must be some like that out there i just happen to come across the ones who put their own style (or what they want or dream of) on the client and the result looks like a drag on the client.
  5. I know exactly what you mean. This is what makes me think I would actually be pretty good at it. Trend is not 'what I do', I show people what looks good on them or what will look good on them should I say! I love to identify new trends & work out ways to bring in a hint of them to my wardrobe (like the leopard print which is huge this A/W, I've used shoes & a cute D&G belt). I'm totally about style, not high fashion.

    I don't know if I'd have the confidence to charge anyone for my services though. I mainly do it just for fun & an excuse to look at pretty things all day :biggrin:

    And your legs are TDF!

  6. We must have been separated at birth! :biggrin:

    I use this knowledge in my work, as it, hopefully, gives me a bit of an edge over the competition! ;)

    Actually, coming to think of it, a lot of people on tPF are probably like this!
  7. chloe? you do that too!!!:biggrin: Thank god! The other day, we had some of my DH friends drop by & the girlfriend was looking at my vogues & was laughing cos I had made little notes all over the photoshoots & had little post-its stuck everywhere:sad:

    what about the instore services of a personal shopper? anyone used one of them?
  8. I've had friends buy exactly what I bought because they liked it so much - haha, does that count? Most of the girls who I see styled seem to be copies of each other or their stylist's favorite look - like Rachel Zoe and her gang of girls - that said, I think it would be fun and some people just don't have a clue about what looks good on them. I have no idea how you break into the business though - you could try thefashionspot forums because I think they had a thread on personal stylists.
  9. I think it would be great to be one, and there are so many women and men who could use and would use the services. Many times I see women of all ages with expensive clothing but missing the one thing that would make their outfit great, and then I'll see someone with just the right everything, it may not even be as expensive but it makes such a difference!!!! Its that flair, quelque chose (mispelled I am sure) that makes the outfit.
  10. I shop for all my friends... and my family, even extended family consult me before they make purchases.. I used to help my SAs complete their outfits, I loved clothes that much. I did it out of my love for style and individuality .. I took it to another level where I created a test as to determine's someone style... (i did that when I was a SA). I was thinking being a stylist professionally, but I realized to go there, it would be good for me to know certain skills aside from a good eye .... and plus i heard the stylist can never dress better than her clients.....

    I do have one fashion consultant at Bergdorf, but she is there to help me not spend so much money.

    The one key element that they're missing is individuality!!! Attitude and individuality is the key. I wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear me type of thing.
  11. Oh my dear, there is definitely a market out there for good personal stylists! Over the years I've shopped with many people who felt they needed someone to 'direct' their shopping activities to keep them either on-trend, or to help them find/and or keep on track their personal style.

    Do you find that you can just walk into a boutique, glance around and in seconds determine which looks will work for you (or someone else)? Like you have a sixth sense about what the best pairings are, like a master painter instinctively knows where the brush goes next? It sounds like you do, and that you enjoy it as well. If you think that's something that would make you happy, I'd say go for it. The demand is certainly there.
  12. I made the mistake when newspapers were blowing up how great it was and used the personal shopper/stylist's service once at Harvey Nichols and I have no intention to use it again! OK, it's free (they say complimentary with no pressure to buy, yeah right!) but her choices made me into one of the people from Trinny and Susannah show!

    Last year you must have remembered everyone was going crazy with Sienna Miller look and even though I made it clear that I don't wear jeans nor any trousers and no boho chic when we were discussing my 'goals', this lady (she said she was at Jil Sanders before) dumped £5,000 worth of stuff in front of me and at least £3,500 of those was exactly the things I don't want! In fact there was only 2 things that I liked; I was thinking you are wasting my time and not helping at all!

    Of course, what your personal shopper chose matches very nicely with each other (at least she definitely has style, LOL) but the thing is that she's trying to give you a complete makeover (like Trinny and Susannah, LOL) when you don't want it. She even said that I should change my hair so the clothes that she chose would look better! So should there ever be next time, and at this rate probably not, I would want someone who listens to me a bit more!

    Actually come to think of it, the only thing I bought from her was this pleated pale vanilla colour silk chiffon dress which even after a year is still on sale on Net-à-Porter so clearly I need a personal shopper to be more 'in-trend' LOL!
  13. Although I work in the fashion magazine industry and surrounded by stylists everywhere, I never encouraged anyone except celebs to hire personal stylist. Celebs are fine since they do not have the time to shop always and they have many functions to attend to. But for the normal ladies out there, depend on your own style. I'm sad that in today's context, many ladies tend to be a fashion follower instead of setting their own fashion rules. Everyone is too safe nowadays and most often they only try out something new when a celebrity has worn it.
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. its given me a lot to think about!
  15. I love clothes too. Many people tell me that I have great style. Sometimes my friends laugh at me because I use "technical" words. So this thread is really interesting for me, because I would like to become a stylist too.

    In my opinion the work of a stylist consists on:

    1.-She/he should know your personality.
    2.-She/he should go to your closet and see which garments you keep and which you throw away.
    3.-Many people don't know what basics are. A stylist must tell you that, and for me, he/she should concentrate on this. Everybody needs at least, a black suit, a white shirt, a good pair of jeans, a pair of heels, and the list goes on...What you buy later on will give you personality.
    4.- She/he should give you general tips. For instance, show what you like, hide what you don't like. If you don't like your legs, for example, don't wear mini-skirts. Just look out for a different cut of pants.

    I'll post an article that appeared in the may issue of the spanish Elle magazine about stylists. It says that Rachel Zoe earns 6000€= 7700$ per day.